Bluestar 30RNB and half sheet baking pans

chairthrowerDecember 9, 2012


I have a 4 year old BlueStar 30RNB, which I love. We're looking to replace our failing and peeling non-stick baking sheets, most likely with plain aluminum or stainless steel commercial-style half-sheet baking pans (like the NordicWare Pro.)

A half-sheet pan is supposedly 13x18, and the 30" BlueStar is advertised as taking a full sheet pan. If I measure the oven from the front edge of the rack to the back (the back of the rack is raised to prevent you from pushing pans back against the convection fan or wall, I assume for air circulation) it measures 17" or so. So it would seem at first glance that two 18" sheets next to one another would not fit, but I know that the rims or edges may hang over the back of the rack enough to make it still work.

So my question is is anyone using commercial half sheet pans two across on a single rack in their 30" BlueStar?

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Sorry I can't answer your question, but I was at the dealer's yesterday and saw them put the full size sheet in the oven.

Can you give me a bit of feedback on the Bluestar? Having seen it, I'm impressed, but having read so many negative threads I'd appreciate some thoughts from a current owner. Have you had any problems with your door--being too hot or not opening? Have you had any service-related problems? Is the stovetop easy to keep clean? How about the interior? Do you really use those big powerful burners? What kind of venting to you have? If you have a coupl e minutes, I'd appreciate any feedback of any kind you have. Thanks.

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I don't use my oven this way but I just tested, and yes, two half sheet pans will fit side by side in the oven of my 30" Bluestar RNB. Good luck!

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Yes, it does work. I have the RCS model, but I believe the dimensions are the same. And you nailed the reason, the sloped, raised edges of the pans hang over the back of the rack (the internal length is only 16.5). Two of these half sheet pans fit exactly.

To needinfo1. The door does get hot, no denying that. The door handle is always ok though. My RCS does not have the same power as the RNB, but I do get use out of the 18K burner (good for boiling enormous pot of water for pasta, or for searing a steak). Mostly I use the 15K burners. No service related problems. Fairly easy to clean, but the porcelain covering on the grates is not so good on some pieces, with chips, etc, causing some rust to be visible. I keep meaning to ask BS for replacements.

I'm in an apartment, with no window in the kitchen and no venting options. So I have a Broan Elite 64000 series with the internal recirc kit. It's about as good as I could do. It does not eliminate 100% but it does make a difference.

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stuv--Thanks. I thought the grates on the Bluestar are all cast iron, but at the showroom I did notice the grates had a few places where it looked like chipping too. How long have you had your Bluestar? I am wondering if it is the V1 that supposedly has a bit more insulation in the door.

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Needinfo: I have had a 48" for over 4 yrs now. I have not had any service related issues, but I have had an excellent brief experience with their customer service. Since I have the original style door I emailed them asking for the new door design with the new hinges even tho I have never had a sticking hinge on mine. Within 20 minutes of sending the email they sent an email back saying a brand new door is on its way. They sent it to me in canada via UPS which I know from a lot of experience UPS rapes on their "brokerage fees" to bring things across the border. BS picked up all the costs.

I still have not installed the new door but I intend to at some point. My original style door does get hot. Not hot where you can not stand in front of it, that is just ridiculous, but at high temps the door will get hot enough that I would not plant my hand on it and keep it their for more than a fraction of a second (kind of like a hot dark coloured dashbaord on a summer day). Also note that the handle never gets hot, and the only reason I even realized the door gets hot is because I intentionally started poking around after reading the fuss on here.

Chairthrower:(love the nick. Lol). I will also confirm that you will fit two half sheets no problem. One half sheet also fits in the small oven on the 48".

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Needinfo, I got my range only 5 months ago so i think it would have the same door as the current models.

Regarding the grates, you are right, they are cast iron, but they have a porcelain coating rather than being seasoned.

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Thanks so much for the info on the Bluestar. It helps in the decision making process.

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