Which glue to use? repair broken doll furniture, polymer sculptur

lynnalexandraAugust 10, 2008

I have several broken items I need to glue, but have no idea what kind of glue to use.

One is a wooden American Girl nightstand. I don't want the glue to show. Should I use wood glue (or would that show), clear tacky glue, superglue or something else?

The other is a polymer sculpture - my cleaning woman broke a couple of fingers off the sculpture. I'm not sure if I should glue them - or if it needs to be done by the artist - remolding the fingers with more polymer clay. I'd like to avoid the latter if I can fix it well - bc. sending it back to the artist is not just more time and money - but each time these are shipped back and forth there's a chance of them breaking in transit. The first time I bought one of these sculptures, it arrived broken. We had it insured but the artist wanted to fix it herself. She did - and once again it was broken in transit back to me. I think the Washington DC postal workers are rough on packages - but there's no telling for sure where the breakage occurred. Anyway - I'm not sure if there is an appropriate glue for something this tiny - that definitely has to hold well and be invisible.

Any good rules of thumb about which glue for what purpose?

Thank you.


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I have no real experience to share, but perhaps this glue site will be helpful. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: This to That

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The one glue that I find useful for lots of projects is call "Quick Grip" and I get it at JoAnn's Sewing and Hobby. Other places may also have it. It only takes a tiny drop, hold your pieces together for just maybe 2 seconds and it holds things together without clamping them or whatever you do to hold things together until they are dry. It is also invisible and works on all sorts of products and is water and weather proof. Good Luck !.

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