Where's your craft 'studio ' ???

toomuchglassAugust 17, 2007

Main floor ............ basement .......... outer house ........... attic ?

There was a time that I LIVED in my basement ... I loved it . I had my saws - my sanders ... drills ... Radio --- it was cold down there - I'd bundle up & spend hours ! NOW - we moved . In this house ---

My main craft "room" is a spare bedroom on the main floor. Right now - it's too messy to even get into it. I swear I'll clean it up ( said at least a zillion times in the last month ) Even then --- I feel so seperated . I have a full basement in this house with power tools & tables - it's an ideal work space. I just hate to be in the basement . It feels so isolated .I want to be upstairs where I can see what's going on . I have a full attic ... but I hate to be up there too --- for the same reasons. If I won the lottery and had my wish - I'd have a seperate studio with lots of windows .. I guess I need daylight so I don't feel like a mushroom ! LOL Where's your work room ? If you won the lottery - where would it be ???

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I have a separate room for my crafts but it tends to be all over the house sometimes.

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I used to craft in our unfinished basement. I hated it down there. It was cold, dark, and depressing. When our son finally got all of his things out of his old room (took him a year), I made it my craft room with furniture from yard sales. It is now a shabby chic coordinated place for ME, and I love crafting there.

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My dining room! We only use it for holidays so I kind of took it over. I'd love to have my own room outfitted with cabinets to store everything and when it was put away it would look nice and neat. One day.... :) ~Anj

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Mines in my basement...luckly though, I have windows so I can see anything going on at ground level LOL. But i do get lots of light and I have a radio and a TV, mostly for background noise, that way I dont feel so isolated. But then again, I love the alone time.

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I use the counter/cabinet space in my laundry room. Have a sink in there too, so that is convenient. It's right off the family room so not isolated. Saws and tools are out in the garden shed (some are in the garage.)Luvs

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Our house in Ohio had 4 levels...basement, den level, main level and bedroom level. I had two craft rooms on the den level and loved it. Now that we moved to Georgia, I have "no" craft room. My supplis are kept in my bedroom and I craft on the diningroom table. Hate the mess, but gotta craft.

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Humm, my studio tends to be different places. My power tools for woodworking, and cutting silverware for jewelry are in the garage. So the cutting, sanding, etc. is usually there or outside in the driveway.
Sewing is in the house laundry room, with extra material and supplies stored in clear plastic containers in the garage, so I can locate what I need for a project.
The above crafts, I don't do but once in a while.
My new found passion is wire jewelry making and I have an old desk in the living room for actual designing. There my tools and wire are stored in the drawers. Beads are organized in those plastic cabinets on rollers in the laundry room.

I'm never alone, due to being surrounded by my fur babies :-)My favorite thing to do is to go outside and set under the trees and twist wire. I've been know to hit the beach gazebo when we lived close to the beach. That was wonderful.

Now our house is half the size and the beach is 2 1/2 hours away, so the back yard is the next best thing. I find staying in the house,too distracting..seems something else needs to be done, like cleaning :-(

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mine is in our computer room, and all over the house!
If I ever get my sons room cleaned out I plan on takeing it over! the kids leave home but dont take all there stuff with them, son says its there if they need to come back LOL!

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For non-messy crafts, I usually craft in the livingroom with a good movie to listen to. For things requiring paint, etc., I do that in the damp and considerably less pleasant basement.

It would be lovely, however, to have a nice little gardenhouse with lots of light to craft in! (I know, dream on, right? :-) )


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Jenn - I think we all have the same dream. In the south we don't have basements and the garage is taken up with the vehicles. I have a fourth bedroom with its own bath that I use for my studio. I paint in there mostly. I have a 3'x5' desk in front of the window so I can watch the birds. I also keep a small TV-VCR player in my room so I don't feel alone. But like most crafters, one room just won't hold everything so I use the closets in the guest rooms and the dressers to hold fabric and lace, etc., a utility shed for the wood items and tools. I do have most things organized - I have a shelving unit that is 8' long x 7' high and 24" deep. It is divided into four vertically and holds two of the 12 quart rubbermaid containers on each shelf. I have all of my craft stuff in those containers.

I have to use my laundry room to hold the dishes I have collected over the years - I have to admit I am one of those ladies on the "Holiday" forum who collects dishes.

My children's biggest fear - that I will die and leave them all of my "stuff". I never threaten them that I am going to take them out of the will, I just tell them I am going to put them in the will for all of my "stuff". That is enough to scare anyone.

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paintingfool - I know what you mean - when you hear about a "little old lady" who died and left a stash of half-finished projects and tons of fabric and other stuff, I know that will be me, too. At least I won't be here to be embarrassed when people go through my stuff and say "what was she thinking?"

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Paintingfool, I've seen your wonderful artwork, so I suspect your kids having to go through your stuff would probably reveal to them a lot of amazing ideas and projects, more than too much "stuff."

But there is something about crafting that makes a person stuff-intensive. I often think how much less stuff I'd have if I didn't always think I needed everything someday for a craft project!

--Jenn of Much Stuff

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Just about to finish up an old tack house on our property for my 'studio' I love the sound of that..lol I needed a place to learn to torch my own beads without burning down the house..lol So it will soon be up and running..can't wait. In our last house I had half the basement as my work room..it was perfect.
I do a lot my jewelry making when watching TV or out on the deck with my hubby..so I have my jewelry supplies on a rolling cart. I can roll them where ever I go and work from a good size TV tray stand that I've got hooked on the side.

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We finished a room in the basement for me. Of course, now it isn't quite big enough. I do love having my own space.

I just posted these pics on the My Own Room thread but here they are again!

The colors are BM Dill Pickle behind the bookcase and BM Marlboro Blue on the walls.

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FlamingO in AR

I have most of the top floor of our house, there's a guest room and bath at one end and the rest is all mine! lol I love it up there. I like seeing what others have done with theirs, though, it gives me ideas. Bookworm- I love your room and the paint colors! Your bookcase is to die for!

This shows part of my space. There's a balcony on the other side of that door. I think I need to de-junk some, though, it looks too cluttery for me.

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My crafting space is where ever I feel like going! I don't have an extra room or space just for me. You can find me curled up on the bed sewing or sitting at the end of the bed with my sewing machine on the bench working away. I paint either sitting at the kitchen table or at the kitchen counter standing up and sometimes outside on the porch at that table. Sometimes I'm in the living room but not often because it seems everyone takes over that room! LOL

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I forgot that I posted a link to my "T to T" craft studio on the Trash to Treasure forum. I should have posted it over here, but I forgot about this thread until Flamingo brought it up again today. I love your craft studios, Bookworm and Flamingo....great furniture, wonderful colors, and everything looks so organized!

Here is a link that might be useful: T to T Craft Studio

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I have been working for the past few days getting my craft area set up. I'm excited! It's on the sunporch on the front of our house - lots of windows, so good light, but chilly in the winter. (Have to dig out that heater). DD #2 just got a teaching job and moved to Ohio, and the church is having a flea market so I am cleaning out and making myself a craft area. DH is building me a cabinet, but some stuff is just going to have to live in plastic storage bins. I'll post a picture when the cabinet is done. Can't wait! Bookworm and Flamingo - your craft rooms look wonderful!

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Here's my new spot - haven't figured exactly where everything goes yet, but love the cabinet DH finished on Monday!

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