Hood/Venting for 48" range

sladaDecember 9, 2012

Hi all, great forum.

We are building a new home in SF Bay Area. In our kitchen, we have a 48" Bluestar range (6 burners/1 griddle) that will be placed in a somewhat recessed area 80" wide under 9' ceilings.

To be centered in the room, the range will have 18" on one side and 24" on the other in the recessed area. The area is new construction, so we can do whatever duct work we want or need, but the venting cannot go straight up and out, it will have to turn a bit and end up coming out on a pitched tile roof.

? ideas about best venting- we want to do a stone hood with corbels and insert, but want to see if we have enough room on either side to do upper cabinets, so the smaller size the better. we do a lot of cooking, including period frying. THanks!

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Pallet & Palette

They make vents for ranges like this that have the motor that runs the fan outside up on the roof. Its not big - just sits in a metal roof cap thing. This pulls the air out, instead of pushing it up. When I got mine (with six burners, griddle and grill) they recommended this method due to the amount of heat all this generated.
The unexpected benefit to me was that even though you still hear the significant air flow noise, the fan noise is outside so it is quieter than the alternatives.
Usually I like more room on either side of the range, but with a larger range, you find there is room on top of the range to move things around, so the relatively small counter space on either side should be just fine.
As for the size and the upper cabinets, I wish I had listened to them when they suggested a wider capture area in the hood. Going with a hood a little wider than the range would have been best. I'd give up the uppers to get better performance. Or perhaps another look like small open shelves that hold your oils and vinegar, etc, could work.
Good luck!

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Check with your local code enforcement about makeup air before you do any deciding on such a beast and the hood it requires. The venting with MUA can cost more than the range.

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For good capture (containment depends on hood internal design and CFM, among other things), at the height of the hood entrance aperture above the cook top the aperture should ideally extend beyond the burners such that rising effluent expanding from the edges of pans intercepts the hood inside its aperture bounds. An expansion angle of 22 degrees from vertical may be used to evaluate this. If the expansion angle intercepts a back wall or side cabinets the hood only needs to extend to those boundaries.


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Hello Slada,

Venting the professional range is tricky and very important to get right! Please read a page I have published on venting the professional range... They are tricky. Too much info to cover here.

follow the link or just go to DesigningRichmondHome.com
and click on the luxury range ventilation page!
Hope this helps... I design kitchens and this is what I have learned!

Here is a link that might be useful: Venting the luxury range - designingrichmondhome.com

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DesigningRichmond's page provides a good short summary of the subject.* For the long version, see the Greenheck guide I link to on My Clippings page. (Greenheck is a supplier of commercial kitchen ventilation systems.)

*One exception: Contrary to popular conception, when a fan's air flow is partially restricted, the fan does less work (force x distance) per unit time. So there is less "strain" at lower flow rates. If a fan duct is severely restricted, the air around the fan blades will become very turbulent. It is possible that that condition could increase the work rate over normal use. This would depend on blade design.

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