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pittyloveJuly 31, 2013

I'm trying to knit a lacy scarf but having trouble figuring out the pattern. The pattern says:
Row 1& all odd: purl.
Rows 2,4,6: K3, *yo,k2* to last 3, k3.
Row 8,10,12: k3, *sl1, k1, psso, yo* to last 3, k3.
It seems like the pattern is getting larger and larger with each even row with all the yo's. Which doesn't make sense, because this is for a scarf. Am I reading this wrong? please help!

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Are you using Sashay yarn, the yarn you "open up" & what we found easy is to use bamboo knitting needles(actually I complained they were too long) size 9Girlfriend fixed that since sharp on both ends she cut through right in center of each 1 & smoothed the cut & glued about 1/4 in into a small spool) come in pkg at Joanne's or Michael's the unpainted spools are for making spool dolls-legs & arms. this is the 1 inch long size) glue cut end of needle into spool & do the 2nd one so you have a set. So nice in my hands & nothing gets 'caught" Aluminum needles the yarn slips off of. I got very unset with them & that is when GF tried the bamboo. So much better & easier. Have a cork with hole in it to put on end of work should you put it down or you will lose stitches, or a little thing they sell can be used, looks almost like pencil topper. Step 1 tie a very tight knot in end of yarn then OPEN up at least a couple of feet of yarn. Look at it carefully, the more filled in side is NOT worked so step 2 put on a loop skip 1 loop & pull up 2nd loop, continue until you have 6 to 8 loops on needle(6 will be little thinner than 8) When desired number of loops on needle grab your 2nd needle & hold it in other hand like you are crossing them with the 2nd needle behind the original 1 & slide it under 1st stitch on needle & pick up 2nd loop from needles & side it under the 1 original needle & off so you have 1 stitch on 2nd needle, continue until all stitches are on same needle & start over. Make as long as you like & then your last 6-8 stitches you will cast off which means you will get 2 stitches on 2nd needle & slide the 1 closest to spool over top of other stitch to cast off leaving 1 stitch on 2nd needle & do that until you have 1 loop left on 2nd needle, hang on to that or whole thing can go!!! take the remaining yarn(try not to have it opened up when you are near the end or else twist it back together while holding onto that needle with 1 stitch on it
cut 5 in so have enough to tie knot &,pull the yarn through & knot tightly & pull up through the scarf a couple of rows so people don't sit & fiddle with it when wearing it or it could come untied & unravel. Hope this helps. You can use whatever needles you have but I just told you all my little secrets! So have fun with it .If you are smart you will finish a row & put cork on as you can drop stitches or lose them all together. Easy to fix but would be kind of hard to explain on here. Jan

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I should have mentioned, we couldn't follow those patterns. Guess we are little dense.There is a crochet pattern but 1 I saw made was flat on 1 side so you would have to be adjusting it all the time you wore it. This 1 is ruffly all around. If you use the loose yarn,, Starbella or ---------- 1 sorry I don't use it . Anyway if the loops are large then when starting use every loop & probably 8 loops on needle & then go in every loop with 2nd needle so it won't be too loose. I have been told & it says on pkg that these scarfs can be washed gently & when dry shake like crazy & they will be fine. Haven't washed any so can't say for sure.. Jan

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could the K2, be a K2tog? that will take care of the YO extra stitch
don't know why the other ladies think you're working with Sashay...that's just simple knitting for those! (thank goodness for UTube tutorials!) deb

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forgot to ask, how many stitches do you cast on to start?

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Might help to mention type yarn you are using!! Out here people are knitting the Sashay type & selling them like crazy, some knitters have more trouble learning than people like me who have only done a dishcloth yrs ago. All kinds of books on regular knitting. Caron has the simple method of casting on rest of books I looked at yrs ago took 2 pages to cast on. We have 8 members at our club & 7 are making Sashay type scarfs, sorry I assumed that was what you were making.

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In Row 8,10,12: k3, *sl1, k1, psso, yo* to last 3, k3 are you passing the slipped stitch over the knit 1? Psso = pass slipped stitch over.

That should take care of the increases the yarn overs make.

Can you give us a little more information? Perhaps a link the pattern? Until I can pick up needles and yarn this is the best I can do for now.

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