Diswasher 'after-taste'

davestexasDecember 29, 2012

Old GE dishwasher that still does a great job cleaning the dishes/pots/pans/utensils, but the past few months I've noticed a distinct soapy 'after taste' when drinking from the coffee cups. I changed detergents and rinse agent, but no improvement. I beginning to wonder if this is a symptom of dishwasher old-age?
I detect no difference in function: Hot water is very Hot, rinse cycle does its job....best I can hear anyway. I've never used the 'dry' cycle. No drainage problems....
I don't think its a water problem because the softener works well and there is not change in water quality/taste.
Even changed the whole-house filter, but that didn't help the dishwasher issue I'm asking about.
Advice appreciated. Thanks

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Sounds like too much detergent. Are you using a liquid or powder? If so, reduce it by half since you don't need much with soft water, anyway. If you still taste soap, reduce it again.

I'd also run a cycle with vinegar and water to clean everything out, before loading with dishes.

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ok, I'll try that. always filled both cups full as recommended. will also try a vinegar/water clean. thanks

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Or try Tang recommended by the Appliance Doctor!
Most people put in way too much detergent- ours says 2 TBS per load and I only use the second one for super long cycles.

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Coffee tasted right this AM.
Before going outside, I 'balmed' my lips. After coming back inside....coffee time. Coffee tasted 'soapy' AGAIN!! whatthe??
Determined the only thing that was different from 1st pot to 2nd was the lip-balm. Carmex lip moisturizer was the problem. Fits the time-line too because I began using that particular brand about 2mths ago.
Changed to plain chap-stik: problem solved.

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I once had a very old GE dishwasher that stopped pumping all the dirty water from the sump during cylces and I had to have it serviced. The man found something lodged in the drain air gap that was blocking the passage and causing dirty water to syphon back into the sump. This might be a diy project if you can access your lines. I had an old Whirlpool that had the pump fail and had to rebuild it too. Don't just assume it is too much soap, especially if you are following the same processes that used to work well.

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Carmex is a different animal from ChapStik. I stopped using it. Now I do Blistex Lip Medex in the blue container.

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