13th Birthday Centerpiece

becky54_2007July 16, 2010

My granddaughter is having a 13th birthday party and I would like to know if anybody has any ideas for an easy centerpiece and also party favors. We were looking to do something with styrofoam letters of her name but they are so expensive so if anybody has any ideas I would like it if you would please share. Thanks in advance.


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Inside party? Outside party? For teens? For family?

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The party is inside and there will be teens and family there.

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Does she have favorite colors? Special interests? What kind of favors do you have in mind - something suitable for all the adults as well as kids?

One idea would be to get clay flower pots. Spray paint a favorite color. You could use colored Sharpie markers to add dots or other designs. Glue in a piece of the dry floral foam block, leaving a couple of inches between the top of the foam and the rim of the pot. Fill that space with the paper shred that is used in gift bags, either in green to look like grass, or in the theme colors.

Cut her initials out of heavy cardboard (from old boxes you might have around).

Use cheap bamboo skewers ( look for a package of 100 at the grocery store) and glue those to the initials. You might spray paint the skewers as well. The easy way to do that is to stand them all up in a block of the foam or poked through a shoebox, and then spray paint them. Quick and easy.

Then cover the cardboard initials with some of the pretty scrapbooking papers that you would simply glue on, tracing around the letters to cut out the paper. Mix and match patterns. On both sides of each letter.

Stick the skewered letters in the foam block in the pot, cutting the skewer as needed to adjust the height and vary the height between the three letters.

Or, rather than her initials, do a 1 and a 3 for her birthday.

In either case, you could add a balloon on a stick that sits higher than the initials or numbers if you like.

For the favors, you could buy some of the little clay pots, spray paint them to match and put in some M&Âs that have been put into a piece of plastic wrap or cellophane, then tied up with curling ribbon in the party colors. You can go to an MÂ&M website and order personalized candies in the colors you want, but that can get expensive. You can often also find separate colors of those at candy stores or party stores.

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Thanks les917 for some really neat ideas.

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