Need quick help deciding Thermador ovens/steam oven combos

nolaclsDecember 6, 2013

I am building a new house and have decided to do a all Thermador kitchen. I thought I had it all figured out but I am having second thoughts on my oven choices. I have never used a steam oven before...or any "high end" ovens. Best I have used is a Kenmore elite.

So here is my issue...I have a spot for the 48" pro grand range and I have a tall cabinet spot for the microwave, wall oven, warming drawer. I need some input on what kind of oven configuration yall would go with.


The Pro Grand range Model: PRD486JDGU that has the full oven and the 1/2 oven.

Then on the tall cabinet spot I would have:

Regular Microwave Model: MBES
Wall steam oven Model: PSO301M
Warming drawer Model: WDC30JP

I had originally picked this setup because the wall steam oven seems to have 40 presets vs only 9 presets on the steam oven that is built into the pro grand range. Also I thought the 1/2 oven would heat quicker for small reheats and cooking for dinner. Our Kenmore oven takes a while to pre-heat...not sure if upper end brands heat faster?

My concern with this setup is only having 1.5 ovens not 2 full sized ones. My family is only the 3 of us but I like to entertain. I only have a single oven now but could have used a second one at times...not sure if it would have needed to be a full sized one or not? I also dont know how important the presets on the steam ovens are...never used a steam oven but im looking forward to it. I am told that is the only difference between the wall steam oven vs the one in the it?


The pro grand steam range Model: PRD48JDSGU

In the tall cabinet area the triple stack Model: PODMW301J

With this setup I end up with 2 full ovens and 2 warming drawers but less presets on the steam oven. Don't know that I need 2 warming drawers...and also don't know if I gain any function with the wall oven vs the 1/2 on the range other than size? Also the triple stack has the convection micro that I wouldn't really need...not sure if I can make that the regular microwave OR just get the 3 units separate and have them mounted.

I dont do a ton of oven cooking and one really works most the time BUT this is supposed to be THE house that I live in for good...I would hate to not have what I needed when it was a big feast. Weather I use one full oven as a "warming drawer" while cooking in the other one. Just dont me out please.

Thanks in advance!

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I decided to change and go with option 2. I wound up looking at the user manuals at the different pre set cooking differences on the steam ovens and the main ones are still there on the pro grand steam.

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I am also considering the Thermador ProGrand Steam. Did you go ahead and buy it? If so, what has been your experience?


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I did go ahead with the pro grand steam range. But the house is not finished yet nor is the unit installed so I can not comment on its performance yet.

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