Anyone worked with Swarovski beading?

zshopperJuly 29, 2007

I've decided to start making bracelets for the holiday season in hopes for making some extra money. I was very surprised how expensive the beads and materials are. If anyone can help in advising where to purchase beads at a wholesale price, it would be very much appreciated.

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zshopper, was hopeing you would hear from ginger on this one, a long while back I posted on jewerly makeing and ginger said she ordered her at, I have never ordered from there but check out the site.
It does cost quite a bit to get started, not a cheap craft if useing the real materials, hobby lobby has good sales on there beads and all, maybe check on e-bay. hopefully someone can help you more.

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You might go to your local craft store and by a beading magazine like Bead and Button, I'm sure it's full of advertisers.

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honeysuckleridge with the free shipping like oddie said are just awesome and the customer service there is too. With Artbeads you can save a bit of money instead of using the popular 6mm bead, try the 5mm bead, most folks can't or won't know the difference but you have the same look as the more expensive bead.

www.firemountain.gems has now placed a $5 flat rate on shipping which helps as well. Buying bulk helps with costs here as well. Bulk can be mix and match.

Just remember if you want to buy wholesale you are looking at bulk prices with bulk shipping rates, not an easy thing to do when first getting started.

Keep your eyes open if you eBay for folks selling out their personal collections...these are great finds. Also there are sellers on eBay who will sale you as little as one bead at a time, this help with odd colors or sizes where you don't need a mass.

Hobby Lobby coupons are great because you can purchase your wires, tools and other odds and ends with their 40% off coupons, usualy once a month or sometimes twice a month now.
Watch for Michael's coupons as well, they do carry some sterling, filler beads and some nice looked imported lampwork beads. These beads can also be purchased online from

This bracelet was created from Michael's lampwork beads...

Here is a link that might be useful: Lampwork Bracelet

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I don't know what Swarovski beading is but I have a suggestion as to how to find cheap beads. When you go to garage sales, always ask if they have any old beads. When you ask for the price sometimes they will just give them to you to get rid of them. I always buy or take anything they offer. It really surprises me what people would like to get rid of. It is such fun taking them apart or just looking at them. If you have grandgaughters they love to use them for dress-up. ggks

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Swarovski crystals are some of the most expensive beads on the market. You may check around and find something less expensive.
Fire polish beads are really pretty and less expensive. So are glass beads which come in all colors, sizes and many different finishes.
I find necklaces at yard sales and take them apart, remake them. Recently, I bought a big box of necklaces for ten dollars, and with beads I already had, have made several sets of jewelry. Necklace, earrings, bracelet, is a set. I always check at second hand stores for jewelry, they have no idea what is good jewelry, and I have found many good pieces for next to nothing. Silver rings, earrings, etc, for a dollar or two, wow. Pins galore, too.
Check out Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Walmart, they all have beading supplies. And don't overlook yard sales and thrift stores. They have all been a treasure trove for me. My friends love the things I make and give to them, little do they know, most of the beads are second hand and cost me next to nothing! LOL.

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