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posiehJuly 3, 2011

When I was a kid we had four sided, about 1 1/2 inch square at the top, 4 to 5 inch long boxes that came to a sharp point on the bottom , which hung on the Christmas tree and contained candies, etc, for each child. I'd love to find a pattern for one. Does anyone have such a pattern or know where I might find one?

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Is this what you are looking for??

Easy Homemade Christmas Boxes: Gifts, Place Settings, Decorations
Dec 9, 2010
Sara Walker
Christmas Gift Boxes are Easy to Make - Sara WalkerThese fun triangular gift boxes are very simple to make and will save you a fortune on store-bought boxes, so why not give them a try this Christmas?
These pyramid-shaped boxes are so easy to make, as you don�t have to worry about making lids. You can personalise them according to the gift or recipient, and they're great for getting the children involved as long as you don't mind a bit of glitter on the floor! They make great Christmas decorations to hang on the tree, filled with marshmallows or candy.

Making a Triangular Christmas Box
To make a small gift box, suitable for a place setting, tree decoration or small gift like jewellery, you will need:

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Jewelry and Gifts Handmade Jewelry and Art Unique Gift Ideas!�Some thin card, preferably metallic. If you want to make larger boxes, for example to hold wine bottles, then the card will need to be thicker.
�Thin ribbon, for fastenings
�Tie on labels
�A ruler
�Pair of scissors
�Graph paper and pen
�Glitter, spangles etc to decorate (optional)
�Hole punch
What to do:

1.Start by making a template, using the graph paper. Draw a square, each side being 2.5 inches or 7.5cm. From the middle of each side, draw a dotted perpendicular line at right angles.
2.Then, from each corner of the square, draw a line measuring 4 inches (10cm) to bisect the dotted line (see photograph for example).
3.Cut the template out, and lay it on the card.
4.Cut around the shape of the box. On the inside of the box, use the ruler and the point of the scissors to score a line across the base of each one of the triangles, being careful not to press too hard and go completely through. This will enable the box to fold up neatly.
5.If you are going to decorate your box with glitter, sequins etc, this needs to be done now. Put some newspaper down first!
6.Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the tip of each triangle.
7.Fold the box up so that the triangles all meet at the tip. Thread the ribbon through the holes to secure, add a label and tie in a bow. If you are hanging the boxes on the tree, leave a loop of ribbon free before tying the box.
The boxes can be increased in size as needed by altering the measurements of the template.

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To use these boxes as place settings, make them in a colour that complements your table setting and put a chocolate or small personalised gift in each box. Tuck a sprig of holly or mistletoe under the ribbon, or thread a couple of mini baubles onto it, and write the guest�s name on the label.

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Read more at Suite101: Easy Homemade Christmas Boxes: Gifts, Place Settings, Decorations :

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Hey...THANK YOU! I thought maybe if I used my brain a bit I could figure it out but this is easier. Thank you again.

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