Glass stone ideals

levetaJuly 31, 2007

I like makeing glass stone candleholders. Does anyone know where I can find patterens. Any new ideals welcome....


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what is a glass stone candleholder? what is it made of? where did you get the idea from ? Can you give us a site address with a picture?

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Glass stones are flat on one side. I get glass candle holders or save the lipton tea containers and have my DH take a glass drill bit and drill a hole in the outside bottom of the jar so i can run little lights in. I hot glue the stones to it and when you plug it in you have a pretty glow. DIY mag. has a page in the new issue with instructions in it.

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thanks for clarifying - spounds like you are making something like the "wine bottle lights" with xmas lights using clear glass votive cups or? clear bottles (have no idea what lipton tea containers are)and you decorate the outside with clear colored flat glass marbles. and you are looking for patterns to show like a mosaic design using the flat marbles, I have seen wine bottles with grape clusters made from the flat marbles. I assume you currently do vertical or horizontal stripes or abstract patterns. Since the marbles are quite large and votives are quite small. I am thinking it would be hard to find designs which fit. if it were me, I would make a papper pattern sized to the container and shrink, enlarge simple coloring book designs to fit and fit the marbles on it to see what works. you could do a snowman face, or pumpkin face maybe to. flowers would be easy too


Here is a link that might be useful: ideas

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