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levetaJuly 14, 2008

I'm not a crafty person, but enjoy trying. I have some old 6 pane windows that I would like to do something with. I seen where people hang them from chains. I was thinking of putting material in some of the panes. What would be a good adhesive to do this with? I do have some Mod podge for outdoors, but is there anything else.


All sugestions welcome....

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Hi Leveta, welcome to the forum. Sure glad to have you join us, it's a great place with fantastic folks. Here's a site from another gal who participates in the forum(s). She's got some wonderful projects.


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Craftylady, Thank You!! I love the site you gave me. So many wonderful Ideals. I have come to this site for yrs. I like reading the different ideals. But now it's more then just reading. I'm opening a shoppe this fall to sell my gourds and pumpkins and indian corn and are adding handmade items. Useful thing more then nick nacks. So easy ideals are up my ally.....

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Leveta wanted to show you a window I did just in case you are looking for more ideas, I love looking at robomargo site such beautiful windows and ideas there. you must show us your windows when done.

Here is a link that might be useful: painted window

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Oddie how beautiful!! I wish I could paint. I have made a few things for the shoppe. I also have several people making things on consignment. You guys are so talented. I have gotten some good ideals from this fourm. Thank You again...

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leveta, no need to be a painter to do this, I just blew up a pattern I liked and traced it on the glass with a marker, the rest was like coloring, sooo easy! would love to see your gourds, I have played around with them some, hope your shop goes well for you!

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Oddie where did you find patterens like that and what did you use to trace it with? I have made what I call patchwork pots. I took terra cotta pots and bandanas and cut them up and used that outside MP and put the Bandana on in a pattern. I pressed flowers and got the square candle holders from $$ store and use reg. MP and put them on and then used white tissue paper over top then outlined it with copper tape to give it a finished look. Made a couple of material wreaths. I'm learning, but slow. I pick up alot from you all.

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I just did a search for stained glass patterns, found one I thought would be easy, used a black marker to trace pattern, that becomes the leading, then painted inbetween the lines for the flowers and leaves.
your patchwork pots sound beautiful! do you have any photo to share with us? sounds like you are a crafty person, never know if we can do something till we try.

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Leveta, can you post pictures of your bandana pots? I'd love to see what they look like

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Susancnw, To tell you the truth I don't how. I would love to share my pots and other things that I made. I'll have to gt my DD to help me.

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There are some pic's of my shoppe and my flower pots and a fw candle holders i made using pressed flowers and tissue paper on the garden junk site.

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