30 inch dishwasher from Dacor?

home4all6December 29, 2010

Hi! I am a constant-lurker who is in the planning stages of a kitchen addition, and in searching my local clearance outlets for appliances, there is a Dacor ED30SCH 30" Built-in Dishwasher that they are almost GIVING away, currently they have 4+ of them for $699/each. I've tried to research, and I know they were originally priced near $3000. Obviously they didn't sell, and I'm trying to figure out why? Is it the unusual size or something more? I have 4 young children, so we certainly could use the DW space. And we are planning an all-new, so space constraints aren't an issue. I currently have a mid-line Bosch and I love it.

Any input on this product or brand would be appreciated.

Happy New Year!

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A regular 24" dishwasher is 24" x 24", and a rotating washer arm gets everywhere. This is 30" x 24" so they had to add additional complexity to get washing action on the far left and right.
Was this the problem that caused the Dacor dishwashers to leak all over the floors of America's rich. That all said these complaints haven't been heard for awhile....years, and I don't know if that indicates the problem was fixed, or they just don't sell anymore.
Here's what we wrote in 2004:

In the end, even if the unit is perfect, it is not a good idea to put in a 30" dishwasher. It is a non-standard size that you cannot replace with a competitor unit.

If you need the capacity, it is better to use (2) 24" units.....and then you can keep your current Bosch.

And though people seem to hate when I bring this up.....it may be more energy efficient to have 2 Bosch dishwashers always running full than this Dacor unit.

Here is a link that might be useful: ApplianceAdvisor.com

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Bad idea - those DWs had problems and Dacor stopped making them. AND they are the only 30" DWs so if you need to replace it, you've got problems.

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Ok, say no more, you have convinced me...it was, of course, tooo good to be true. I knew it, just had to be told again by all of you. Thanks!

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OK, so I have a 30" Dacor Dishwasher. Where can I get the one the post talked about above?? I have had the technician come and he quoted me $900 to fix it. I would LOVE to buy the $699 Dishwasher to replace the one I have as my cabinets would have to be altered to accommodate a 27" now. Plus, there is no room for two 27" dishwashers in my kitchen. We have a large family and the 30" was/has been perfect for the last 7 years. But, I didn't know then what I know now~no one else makes a 30"! I thought then it was an awesome feature!

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Dacor bought those dishwashers back years ago! They were a complete disaster for the company and I'm surprised yours lasted 7 years. All of this caused them to stop making their own dishwashers and now they are sourced from Asko. I would contact Dacor before doing any repairs. By the way the standard size for dishwashers is 24" not 27".

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Hello home4all6,

I would like to buy your dacor dishwasher. Do you still have it? You can reach me at jdenni237@yahoo.com

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