how to keep artificial flowers from fading

donnas_gwJuly 28, 2007

I would love to be able to put some potted flowers on my front porch. I've tried it several times, and unfortunately, they will not live for me. I don't know if I'm overwatering them or what. I don't think I'm underwatering them. I can plant flowers in the ground, and most will do fine, but forget potted plants.

I desperately need some color in this area. I'm thinking of making my own "fake" potted plants using artificial flowers, or maybe purchase some that are already made. Is there something that you can buy to spray on them that would keep them from fading? The front of my house faces NNW, so it gets full sun in the afternoon. Thanks.

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Hi Donnas, I haven't tried the faux flowers outside, but if you click over on holidays and post your question, I know that Karen aka Purplemoon uses them outside and she lives in Phoenix so you know how hot and sunny it is there. Maybe she can give you some suggestions. Luvs

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Spray your artificial flowers using a can of Krylon clear. My sis does that on the flowers she uses at the cemetary and they last without fading for several years. I've sprayed
the artificial flowers I use in my tipsy pots to keep them from fading in this bright Georgia sunlight.

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I would suggest a change in potting soil, for real plants. I use cheap top soil from Walmart, with the manure bags of stuff also from Walmart, and 1/3 plain local dirt. Mix the 3 together, and you should get a soil that holds moisture better, but not soggy, like bought potting soil is. If you have clay, use some sand mixed with it for the 'dirt' mix. I think I have a green thumb, but I can't keep plants in 'greenhouse' potting mix alive! It dries out too fast and is too soggy when it is wet.....You can mix it in with the above 3 if you want, but not too much at a time.

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As I live on the central Gulf coast near Clearwater...between the sandy soil & burning sun..I have placed silk ivy geranium bushes in my 4 plantar boxes. 3 years ago when I bought them, I sprayed each bush with any clear matte finish-leaves and all. They have not faded one bit.

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Although this is not my original post, I want to thank all for the idea of spraying faux flowers with clear matte sprays. I love making outside wreaths with the faux flowers and just hate when they get ruined by the sun. This I have to try.

I have seen faux flowers that are described as "fade resistant" but don't know where to buy them around here. Anyone else seen them or know of a source?

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Thanks for all the answers. I do have a can of some kind of clear finish spray, but right now I don't know the name of it. Our son has moved back in, and he's taken over the family room in our basement as his domain LOL. Will wait until he wakes up or leaves for the day to go and see what this stuff is.

Earlier this summer, I painted a small wooden plaque white and stenciled our house numbers on it using black acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I applied this clear finish spray on it.

I do have many grapevine wreaths that I have made over the years using the $.88 Walmart bunches of flowers (think they are now $.90 some cents a bunch). I hang these wreaths on my front door and change them each season. I have not had a problem with any of them fading, but I have a roof overhang, which I think protects them from the sun. I want to put some artificial flowers in pots and set them on the edge of the front porch, and I don't think the roof overhang is going to protect them there. Will get back to you and let you know what the name of this clear spray finish is.

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ok, my son just left and I went and got the clear spray. It is made by Krylon, is called acrylic Crystal Clear. Under that it says Protective Clear Coating, Non-yellowing formula. On the top, it says High-Gloss. Do I want high gloss?

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I used the matte finish, but for more of a shine, use the gloss. It's just a matter of preference.

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I wanted to ask how often should I spray my artificial flowers with Kryon clear? My arrangements are kept outside with full sun. Is it just a one time spraying or should I spray them more often? THANKS for the information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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