wreath for school room

mstevensonJuly 3, 2007

My daughter teaches 3rd and 4th grade special education classes. She is wanting a new wreath for her door at school. Do any of you crafty people have any good ideas.

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Not sure what she has had before, but my first thought would be to take a grapevine wreath, wrap some ivy vines ($3.00 at Walmart) around it, then wire things on it like a small chalkboard with her name and grade written on it, a bunch of #2 yellow pencils, a fake apple, a ruler,--you get the idea.

Maybe someone else will have some ideas for you too. Be sure to post a pic for us of whatever you decide to do, okay?


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Luvs, that a wonderful idea for a school teacher's wreath, you come up with the best stuff!

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Well, thanks for the nice compliment Sal. Like you, I love most anything that has to do with crafts. You always have great projects and great ideas too. ;o)

Last summer, I had found some of those little chalkboards on sale really cheap. I painted a rose design in a couple of the corners on them. My niece was out here and I showed her my stash of painted items and told her to take anything she wanted. She grabbed one of the chalkboards to use on the door to her classroom. Now, I am thinking that maybe I should make a wreath for her classroom door too. I get to go visit her in August. Thanks for the idea mstevenson. ;o)


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I made a wreath years ago for my children's elementary school. They had it hanging in the front entrance. I used our school colors which is red and blue. I used a grapevine wreath covered it with red and blue silk flowers and ivy, used chalk board erasers, pencils, some little chalk boards and made a wooden banner that said our elementary school name. You could instead of the banner use one of those 5x7 (or what ever will fit the size of your wreath) chalkboards and put Welcome to so and so's class. Good luck on your wreath. Make sure you show pics when finished.

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You could get the bigger wooden letters (ABC) and numbers (123) that they have in Walmart craft section now and paint them in fun primary colors to put on there. Or if you are doing mini things maybe use ABC blocks or magnets. Depending on how big it is you could tuck in a few mini golden books too. The thrift store is a good place to pick up books for cheap.

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I made one for our school office that used vintage school days objects: an old hang-rung bell, Photos (copies) of children in bygone days and color copies of pages from old reading books. In between these larger items I filled in with small apples, ink bottles and nib pens and little slate boards ( 3 by 4 inches from a craft store). It was a big hit.

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They all sound very cute. I always hung a wreath on my classroom door, changed according to the season. Gives the room a homey feel. Luv, your chalk boards sound so pretty!

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Thanks for the compliment and the reminder about this Kathleen. I have a couple of wreaths, but I need to see what I need to make one for my neice. It had sort of slipped my mind. Everyone certainly has come up with some good ideas. I'll post a pic when finished. Luvs

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How about a wreath that includes little frames around it with a photo of each of her special students and one of your daughter?

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I think it would be nice to have a wreath that changes each month. Let the kids draw some ideas on paper and then vote on what next month's wreath will be. With the advent of so many dollar stores purchased items would be cheap. Most kids have a lot of stuff around the house to add.

October could be black cats and pumpkins, Nov pilgrims and turkeys, Christmas snowmen etc

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my daughter and I have made wreaths for a couple of her teachers in the past.

Cut a ring out of cardboard the size you want your wreath to be. Paint one side a pleasing color. Use a hole punch and make two holes to thread a wire loop through and twist tightly for a hanger.

Glue crayons around the ring, on the painted side, with pointed end facing the outside of the circle. and the flat ends on the inside. It helps if you line them up in the shape first so you have an idea of how close they need to be, etc. (A larger wreath ring will allow you to have the crayons closer together.) I use hot glue for this so be careful if making it with a child.

Finish off your wreath with a bow tied from a sewing measuring tape (cut ends to pleasing length). You can embelish with small wooden letters, chalkboards, ABC buttons, or stickers in a school theme.

These turn out really cute, the teachers have loved them. You can find large boxes of crayons (64 count) and the measuring tape at the dollar store, so it needn't be a pricey gift.

~ whisker

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This looks sort of like what whisker described. Found it tonight when I was surfing.

Here is a link that might be useful: crayon wreath

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That is cute Anj, and it does sound similar to what Whisker described. Those little mini blocks on it are cute too. Decided I will just see what my school teacher relatives already have, then maybe make something and send it to them later. (or maybe buy the wreaths and make them with them while I am there if we have time.)

These were all great ideas!


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Thanks for all the good ideas. The one I made last year sounded like the one luvs was describing. This year she decided to do her room in a frog theme. I got an oval shaped grapevine wreath and I put a stuffed frog toy at the bottom sitting on the wreath. I put a crayon in his little hand. At the top I put a little chalkboard that I put her name on and trimmed it with little apples. A ribbon made out of frog material, and I added other small school stuff. It turned out really cute. School hasn't even started yet and she says everyone really like it.
Thanks again, Mary

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my daughter is a kindergarten teacher and has away had a wreath on her door with a different theme each year. This year the principal wants every to use a wreath on there door with the theme of there college and high school or just college. any ideas

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I love making wreathesI make all kind,yes teachers name ,you can buy like alittle wooden banner,to put teahers name room number,box crayons,pencils chalk.Id stick a correcting pencil lol,note pad,chalk board eraser,they even have ribbon just for this.

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