$10 Lots! Can you imagine?

bjewell1November 14, 2012

So, I'm sure a few people on here have already heard this as it was on the news last week. But I just thought it was pretty crazy and interesting. In Reston, Manitoba, there are $10 lots for sale. They needed an incentive to raise the population there, so they started selling lots for $10. I wish they would do that here!

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Quite something isn't it? Seems like the scheme is working too. I expect it gets a bit cold for a good three or four months a year in Reston, but with $10 lots, perhaps you can afford a small condo in the Caribbean or Florida for the winter months?

Sadly the lot I just bought was far more than $10!

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Here is a news clip about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: News $10 lots

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Haha, probably more than 3-4. I live in Ontario, not too far from there and here it's freezing at least 6 months a year. And my lot was far more than $10 as well. :P

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They'll find a reason to jack up the tax millage and charge a couple grand a year in property taxes for each lot.

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