A Downfall with having those pics/links at the side

jasdipJanuary 23, 2014

Noodling thru some older pages, I discovered that some discussions take up the whole page, and get buried under the pictures at the side.

A major down-side of having those pictures/topics embedded.

And people click on them, respond and bring up a very old post, as in the WFD threads recently. Another one this morning with Canarybird's picture highlighted.

See what I mean about the pics being on top of the description.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture hides information

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I contacted Gardenweb and directed them to this thread so they would be aware of it.

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Now I need pork meatballs. I have to say I don't mind the pics to the right so much. I just wish they would change them more often.

Perhaps the overlapping is caused by posting a very large picture? It seems that way.

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I think the overlapping happens when you expand the writing box very large......if i expand it it keeps goooooooing
Nope, my test did not work...it did happen to me once.

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I really like the new sidebar. I enjoyed the look-back at Canarybird's gorgeous pics and postings (I miss her and hope she is well!) I also was able to get Ruthana's shrimp recipe this time around when her pic was selected.
Someone posting to an old WFD or any other old post because they clicked on an old pic featured is not a big deal in my opinion.
This is an improvement to GW Forums that is not intrusive, or obnoxious in my opinion.

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Hey mago, you've been absent for a while! Good to see you posting again.

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