Luvs, Too much Glass...etc....

jaybirdJuly 31, 2008

I want to make something that requires glueing glass to glass. I always use E6000(or something with a name like that :^) for everything, but someone suggested that glass makers use a different glue that is stronger. I figured if anyone would know what that glue is, it would be someone here.

Sincere thanks for any info you can provide.

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Luvs ----- E-6000 is great for inside stuff ... glass to glass. If you want to glue something that will be outside ..... GE Silicone 2 is the best . It dries perfectly clear and is weather proof. Whatcha doing ??? :) ( Nosey me ) PS - I sent the list of books to you ...

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I'm sorry Jaybird ---- you started this post - not luvs !! LOL ...... I've been screwing up names so much lately - it's laughable !

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Don't worry, I've been known to mix up names too. I got your email by the way and replied.

Jaybird, you can get the GE Silicone II for windows and doors at Walmart and Lowe's. Make sure you get the one that says "clear" because there are others out there.

Most of the ladies on the Garden Junk forum use it on their glass totems. Mine have been out in the hot California sun and daily water from sprinklers for a couple of years now and still holding fine.

Only problems I've heard of have been from "old" tubes of it--so try to check for an expiration date. It comes in small squeeze tubes as well as the ones you use the "caulk" gun with.

Here's a site that might be helpful too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Glue advice

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Thank you ladies!!!
I am making candle lamps for the "girls" in the family for Christmas. A glass candle holder, a glass bobeche with crystal dangles on top of the holder and then a glass votive holder (with the peg on the bottom) for the top. I have a couple of the votives that are etched and really pretty. I want to glue the whole thing together since there are kidlets in most of the families.
I really appreciate your help!

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And I hope they give YOU a camera, Jay. You have been promising pics, and I would sure love to see what you are creating!!

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