Craft Exchange is gone

minnie_txJuly 3, 2005

At least on my computer. I checked it last month and it wasn't available then either. Maybe we should send an invite to all the other craft boards to post here.

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Maybe not enough posts. I would like to see others forums either combined or elimated.

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I think if we could get everyone to post here again it would soon be busy.

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I don't know who would post. This place used to be the BEST! But when it went to "pay to play" it really died. I don't think it has much of a chance as long as it is a pay only forum.

Crafts and also Holiday used to be so busy and full of great ideas. I don't know where everyone ended up, but I do know that some started their own free place.

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There are still a lot of people that post on paying forums,
mainly the kitchen table which has a lot of traffic and I
recognize some of the names cause they used to post on this
forum and some of their posts are even craft related but
since it is so slow here and because they are more likely to
get a response over there they don't post it here.

Maybe post the idea of reintegrating the forums on the
suggestion forum.

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I am working on a new website which you can exchange craft ideas and items on. Please email me and let me know what you would like to see. Cheers and happy crafting! email me at:

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I am going to email you too..very interested in your site. I used to be a regular here years ago, and only stayed for one year after you had to start paying, now I have my own craft board too! I sure do miss how this board used to be! I checked the posts every day, and it was hard to keep up with then!

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I used to post here a lot. Then I stopped when my membership ran out after the first year of the pay to post thing here. I have come back and checked in many times over the years but this board has never been the same...a least not in my eyes.

Part of my problem was that I changed decorating styles. I now craft mostly all in Primitive style. I'm not interested in seeing anything else really so I can't stay interested here. It's not anyone's fault...I just found Prim crafting sites and I belong there. I also blog and have met many wonderful ladies that share the same love of Prims. That all keeps me really busy!

Last year I started posting here regularly, sharing and even started a weekly post asking what everyone was working on...trying to get things going again but not many seemed interested, so I gave up...

Things will just never be the same....

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What's this talk about paying? I don't pay anything.

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Melvalena, don't panic!

This was a really old post from 1995 that dantedesigns posted to so she could tell us about her new site she is starting.

Gardenweb lets us all have fun here at no charge. Thank you Gardenweb.

There seem to be lots of us looking at this site, but just not many of us making things to share pictures of.

Sweets I remember your posts last year and I tried to chime in--problem is that I procrastinate so much that I don't get many things made!

Glad to know you still pop in every now and again. I, for one, would love to see your Prim crafts too. I used to decorate more in that style, then got interested more in sort of Country Victorian things. I know I really enjoyed seeing your painted items.

Could be that allot of the crafters are on more "specialized" forums such as "scrapbooking" or "jewelry" instead of posting here on the "general" craft forum.


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Back in the olden days the site was free then Spike had to charge us a $15 a year subc price then he sold the company and it is now free. Some of us hung on and paid but we lost a lot of posters who didn't want to pay for use of the whole Garden Web Forums

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