Help Please!

momof2girlsJuly 23, 2008

Looking for ideas on what to do with this?

I don't want to make a clock...any suggestions!!

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It's a beautiful piece of wood. Guess you know you could paint something on it and hang on the wall, but how about attaching a base and using it like a cake pedestal or a turn table? Luvs

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Will you be displaying this in your home? If so, what type of decor do you have?
A couple ideas for you...
1.If you have any photos of you/your family members taken out in the woods or natural locales or with trees in the background? You could decoupage them on to the slab.
2. Collect different types of leaves, ferns, etc or pressed flowers. Place in a pleasing arrangement on the slab and pour resin over the entire surface. Looks really cool. Mount on the wall or maybe set on a base of some sort.

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Oh luvs, I love that idea.. a rustic cake stand. You would have to seal it with a food friendly coating... or just put a clear class plate up top.... hmmmm nice idea.

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It all depends on what you like and how you decorate your home. I think it might look nice as part of a collage or in a shadow box with other objects.

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