matching soffit and fascia with window trim color

maylenewNovember 7, 2011

We have ordered sierra pacific wood windows for our remodel/new construction in the "linen" color. I've been trying to match this color with the soffit and fascia. Has anyone else had experience with this? What brand or material? I'd prefer not to have to paint all the trim etc.. but I will if I have to.

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I don't have specific information for you, but I remember stressing over matching the windows and soffit and fascia. Truthfully, when we started building, I had never even heard the terms soffit and fascia!!

Our window trim ended up being a much darker shade than the soffit and fascia. I thought we had made a huge mistake, but somehow it all blends so I wouldn't get too caught up in matching it perfectly. They did give me a sample piece of the window trim in the color we ordered and then our builder got us a sample (similar to what you get for paint) booklet that we used to pick out the soffit fascia color. Good luck!!

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Thanks for the input. I'm driving myself crazy!

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Burnsie--Check with your exterior trim sub. He will have all the colors his product comes in and you can match up from there. There will be plenty of colors to choose from. I will say that in our case we purposely went with a color about 2-3 shades lighter than our windows which are Plygem's tan and we're happy with it. If in doubt, my advice is to go lighter rather than darker--any variation would be blamed on the way the sun's rays hit it. That argument doesn't work so well when the trim is obviously darker.

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