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marinewife5July 9, 2008

This may not be your typical question for the crafting section: Does anyone remember putting their sunday school offering into the little church building collection box? I have done a search over and over using various combinations of words to find one online. does anyone know where I can get one or instructions on MAKING a decent looking one? I can see where one could be made out of the cardboard milk/cream cartons but instructions would be nice, if anyone has done something similar.

thanks if you can help....

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You might want to just type "church building collection box" into your web browser line and see what comes up. If that doesn't get you close to what you're looking for, add the words "instructions" - "how to make", etc. to your search box and see what you get.

You could also go to the Michael's Craft Store and see if they have a birdhouse shaped like a church and maybe that will suffice for whatever you want to use it for.


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If you Google 'church birdhouse' there are tons out there. You could probably get birdhouse plans and modify them a bit. Or you could contact one of the websites and ask them to modify their design a bit and have them build you exactly what you need.

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Thanks craftylady...doing that combination of words brought me to a website that had exactly what I was looking for...I do want it for sunday school offering in my 3-4 yr old class. My searches didn't turn this one up...all depends on the wording I guess. I didn't want it to look like a birdhouse. Thanks so much.

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