Microwave throws breaker??

love2weedDecember 31, 2007

We have a Whirlpool #GT4175SPS that is built in with a trim kit. My son was heating a cup of water and it threw a breaker. He reset the breaker, but now the microwave is completely dead. To replace this microwave would be around $330.00. What could be the problem? Is it repairable at a reasonable cost?

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Replace it, it's going to cost at least 25% of new just to have a tech come out and look at it. Parts and labor will be more and most labor rates are 75/hr.

Before you do anything, I would consider having an electrician troubleshoot the wire on that circuit. It could be the breaker is bad, could be a really bad problem with the wire, or might just be that the micro just decided to blow that day.

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We replaced fuse and it worked for about 45 seconds and went dead again. It did not throw the breaker this time. Eeergh!! I do not want to buy a new one. Geez, you would think a $300.00 microwave would last longer than 2 yrs!

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Hmmm, certainly sounds like a microwave problem. I'm with antss in that I tend to check EVERYTHING though just to make sure there is not a dangerous problem with wiring, bad breaker etc. Also, have a look at what other items are running on that circuit breaker if any. Ours is on a dedicated breaker, but worth checking.

Would not explain the fuse going though if it were just an overload issue I would not think. If the fuse is not expensive, try replacing with another and plug in to different circuit of the same amp. Just wonder if it would still blow (then I would say micro problem for sure) or not (might be an issue on that circuit).

Microwave wise though, we've now gone the disposable route. We bought a $500 stainless microwave that was supposed to be the top pick. Went out in about the same time as yours did. Still under warranty, but I won't go into the details unless you want the long story of how poorly the manufacturer took care of things and how we got stuck with a still under warranty dud microwave, a $130 diagnostic service fee we had to pay to thier approved service tech who did nothing and ended up with hubby taking the whole microwave and heaving it into the trash bin. We now use an under $100 micro. Works great for what we need and if it goes out then who cares. We can buy a brand new one for the same or less than the diagnostic service fee!

Heard this a lot on the washer dryer section of this site while shopping for new ones, but the same seems to apply to some microwaves too. "They don't build them like they used to."

Best of luck with it.


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Repairing noncommercial microwaves is on the same level as repairing light bulbs. If you like a challenge,have the equipment, and a big pile of dead ones to use for spare parts, it's possible, but fairly pointless otherwise.

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