Anyone miss the old Aleene's Craft shows?

minnie_txJuly 28, 2007

I do and found this link on Google I checked out the different links inside and they don't work. Does anyone hve any current info on the girls or Aleene?

Here is a link that might be useful: Anyone miss the old Aleene's Craft shows?

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I never got to watch many of the shows or record them back then. I did subscribe to the magazine years ago, eventually threw them away. I still have two books: Aleene's Prizewinning Crafts: and Aleene's Craft Quickies. At one time I was a member of Aleene's Big Book Of Crafts Club. Still have the binder, though.
Anyway, it's was fun to flip through the books, and the interesting thing to find was that shrink plastic is still going strong with quite a few crafters :-)

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The last I heard, Aleene had retired and bought a hotel in the Palm Springs area. Her daughter Tiffany was starting a sort of women's retreat there, and I think the other daughter was going to be joining them.

I used to get an email newsletter, but DH put a new Spamblocker on my computer, and I haven't gotten it since then. Wish I could remember what it was called, but don't remember.

Wonder if we could google Aleene's Glues and find any info? Might be worth a try.

I always liked their shows because they did things that were not terribly expensive yet always looked really nice.


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I found this. Hope it helps.

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I miss that show terribly. I learned so much!! I absolutely adored Marcie and Patti from Hobby Lobby. You can still find Patti at
I didn't like the last 2 years when it was mostly advertising stuff but the earlier years when they really crafted.
Aleene's name was purchased by Duncan Crafts and they still sell her products. belongs to them, not to Aleene.

Aleene sold her hotel and is now back in Santa Barbara. From what I understand they are working on a new show, let's keep our fingers crossed!
Heidi has her own website and still crafts and has other business interests.

Tiffany also has her own media company and develops websites.

Then all 3 sisters did a book in 2006(Tiffany,Candace and Heidi)

hope this helps a bit!

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Yeah, knew that duncan owned the rights now. Just a note Pattie can be found here:

Looking forward to what may or may not happen with the show :-)

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Thanks for all the new info I'll be looking up those links
I have about 25 VCR tapes I made of things they did on various shows (that's a lot of crafting)
I love Heidi's "junk" crafting

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I didn't even know there was such a show. Even though I'm at work during the day, I miss Carol Duval on HGTV.

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I miss Aleen's alot. I taped so many of her showes when I could I would set and stop the tape when a commerical can on it was a thirty min. show after all the breaks.LOL. the show was on for a hour.there was a lot of good ideas on her show.

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Can someone give me info on Aleene's Creative Living Books on Fabric Stiffner bows? Where can I find Aleene's fabric stiffner and draping material?

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Sylvia do a google search on that product and I'm sure a lot of sites will show up where you can purchase it

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Loved Aleenes! That show gave me the confidence to start crafting, and I enjoyed many snowy afternoons crafting with my young daughter.

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