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imjustsamJuly 26, 2008

I have become addicted to totems. This is something I had never heard of until these posts about 6 months ago. No one in my area does these. Well I now have quite a vast collection of glass(that waiting for a perfect project syndrome). While I was putting some together today it looked like a lamp, so I filled it with a string of Christmas lights and VOILA.This is without the flash...

And this is in its natural habitat.

Now I have never given anything I have made as a gift, but I havent worked in a couple years and was wondering if this would be an acceptable gift for a family member. I feel really cheap, but thought I would buy her something like this if I saw it at a craft show. Your honest opinions are appreciated.

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Not knowing the person that you would be gifting that's difficult to answer. I give my crafted items as gifts to family and friends all the time. They are always treasured. I know a few people that I would never give a handmade item to..but that list is very short!! Personally, I prefer receiving a handmade has so much more meaning....just knowing that someone thinks enough of me to choose something special, and take the time to make it for me, gives it enormous meaning to me.

Be Safe, Rach

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I think it's adorable. You could even add a lamp kit to make the top accept a bulb. You'd have a combo reading and night light. It's adorable just as it is and personally I'd love to get one as a gift. Never cheap when it's from the heart of a friend or loved one.

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WoW! What a beautiful idea. Love it Thanks for sharing.

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I agree totally with chickencollector. Some, fortunately very few, don't appreciate handmade gifts. So for those, I buy something. But most people really appreciate the time and thought that goes into a handmade gift. I say, go for it.

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imjustsam, I had that same ideal of the lights. But never got one made. It looks great. Love the shape. You done good....

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