Opinions on first draft [floorplan]

jbherNovember 6, 2012

Hi everyone!

Been a long time lurker and I'm posting this for my sister and brother in-law. They are getting ready to build and just got back their first draft of the floorplan. Would love feedback and thoughts on any changes you all see/recommend.

They have 4 children, however, 3 are adults and just 1 is home. They're building a rambler in a heavily wooded lot. Their inspiration floorplan is this: http://www.houseplans.com/2764-square-feet-3-bedrooms-4-bathroom-craftsman-home-plans-2-garage-33305

Their floorplan is increased to just over 1,700 sq ft on the main level. There will be a 3-season porch off the dining room with a wood burning fireplace.

Thanks and look forward to hearing the feedback!

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not sure why the pic didn't show up the first time

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Overall, I like it. It's a practical house for a couple of empty-nesters (or, almost empty-nesters). I can't see the numbers, but the proportions look decent.

A couple thoughts:

- Since they have four children, they're likely to hold large holiday gatherings. Will the dining room support their numbers? Of course, I feel foolish asking that because I'm planning a dining area about the same size because I'm in the South and am also planning a large covered outdoor eating area by the pool.

- Is that a downstairs bedroom to the front of the house? If it's a study, do they need the bathtub?

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MrsPete, thanks for your comments! The dining area is roughly 14' wide by 12' deep. Does that seem big enough?

The bedroom next to the garage is for their youngest daughter who lives at home and since the master doesn't have a bathtub they wanted that bathroom to be a full bath. The "room" below the master bathroom is their walk-in closet and the room above the garage is the mudroom with washer/dryer. There will be a walkout basement and they may have a couple bedrooms and bathroom finished for the older kids when they come home (they're college kids). That draft will be done after the main level is finalized.

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Anyone else have any thoughts or ideas on improving? They're meeting with the drafter this evening...

Thanks so much!

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I generally like it...but where is the pantry?

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No pantry so far. They were thinking of making the corner cabinet in the kitchen a pantry with a door instead... thoughts?

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I really like this plan, it's actually a lot like mine. I'm sure there will be bedrooms and a rec room or something in the basement, so that should be plenty of room for when the older children come home. Overall, I like the kitchen, but I would suggest moving either the stove or the dishwasher because right now they probably couldn't open both at the same time. I'm sure if you post the kitchen in the kitchen forum, they'll have some more ideas. Other than that, it looks good.

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I'd be tempted to make the corner closet in the mudroom the pantry. There doesn't appear to be enough room in the corner of the kitchen for a pantry closet. Mine is 4x4, and is just about as small as you'd want to go (for good shelving depth, etc, might get away with 3.5 x 3.5).

In the mudroom--are those cubbies or counter? If counter top, I think I'd be tempted to switch the locations of the laundry stuff and the counter... And, then also switch the door swing of the garage, unless it rests against that kitchen wall fully and without sticking into the opening between the 2 rooms when all the way open (right now, it looks like it might stick out into the dining-mudrooom door opening.)

On the kitchen layout--
yes, go to the kitchens forum, but also
consider switching the general location of the fridge and stove wall... I like having my fridge near the dining area and in a place that people don't have to walk through my space between dining area and fridge. If the fridge went on the far end (even further than the cabinets currently run) along the mudroom wall, it would be accessible easily from the dining area, and people wouldn't need to walk behind the island coming from the LR to get to it.

Also, putting the cooktop on the hall wall protects it a little more from through traffic.

Finally, moving it from directly behind the sink/DW solves the issue of dueling doors (if it is infact a range and not just a cooktop).

The dining area sounds large enough, until there is the walkway. Here, the kitchen forum will be great help in helping you to understand what is needed in terms of size for a traffic area with dining space.

How long is the island?

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You don't see very many two bedroom plans being built because of those damning words, "resale value". And that is important because it's what banks look at to finance you. I'd personally put a reach in closet (Which will actually hold more than the closet as pictured) on the wall across from the tad large master bedroom and turn that walk in closet into a technical bedroom by adding a closet and incresing it's size somewhat, and allowing hall access. You can always use it as a closet, or study or guest room, but the important thing would be that "bedroom" label that would let the home appraise for more.

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kirkhall, the drafter laid out the appliances himself without consulting first - they plan to put the fridge to the end where you said�keep cooktop where it is now (it's only a cooktop - no oven)�then, move the double oven to where fridge currently is. At least that's what they were thinking... In the mudroom they are cubbies built in along that garage wall. Good thinking about the door swing!!

live_wire_oak, thanks for the input! They are getting the lot at a steal (about $60k less than it's worth) and are not worried about the appraisal.

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