Stitchers? What are you working on?

dpinker1December 28, 2005

I don't see many posts on this. Wondered what everyone was working on and what projects did you do for the holidays.

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This board is super slow,hardly anyone ever post to it,why i don't know.

If you want to go to a board that is always alive,go to You have to register,but it's free,then click on the message board.
who peeks in on this board every once in awhile to see if there are any warm bodies on it. LOL

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Hi-just wandered into this forum :) I'm working on blocks to make a quilt. It will take 144 blocks, eight different patterns. These are the patterns I've completed so far....


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Beautiful work. Who is the designer?

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Thanks :) The squares are designed by Stefani Martin. I figure it will take quite some time to finish the quilt, especially since I haven't quilted before. I tend to jump off the deep end when I learn a craft, lol! I'm alternating between the quilt squares and a picture for my brother. The picture has a LOT of color changes. So, when I get bored of doing the same thing over and over (it will take 18 squares of each pattern) I switch to the picture until I can't stand that anymore. Works out pretty well as far as keeping me interested in the projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilt block patterns

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Are these stitched by machine or hand???
They're beautiful!! I'd love to do them as i'm a quilter.TFS

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Thanks, Kathi-they're done by hand. Here, I'll show my backside ;)

I bought two bolts of cross stitch fabric, and cut strips 10" wide. I can do 3 blocks on a strip. Cutting them into 30"x10" strips works really well if you use a scroll, and leaves extra fabric to block with. (I figure since I've never quilted before having the square actually BE square from the beginning would be a good thing, lol!)I'll trim them to (probably) 6" blocks when the time comes to piece the quilt together. I scanned the patterns into the computer, then tweaked them a little bit with the PC Stitch program I have. It was fun to play with the colors and stuff. Assuming this quilt turns out well, I'll probably make another. I've got two grown kids, and I think they'll be a great thing to pass along.
My plan is to alternate the cross stitched blocks with either plain, or very simple fabric blocks. I don't want the overall look of the quilt to be too terribly busy.

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I am doing Christmas stockings and ornaments/ I have decided to give my girls ornaments each year till I cant do them anymore. Anyone have Dimension Gold ornaments? cathy

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Working on a Demension kit - Footprints (I carried you). Love that poem! Going to try and do five for Christmas this year. Got 3/4 of the first one done and realized I made a mistake somewhere, but couldn't find it. Spent five hours trying to find it. LOL. Decided to start another one. Will go back someday and find where I went wrong. Love knowning what everyone else is working on. happy stitching. - Peggy

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