couple of crafts i made :)

luthienJuly 7, 2009

hi hi hi!

just a short post to share two crafts i made over this couple of weeks... really love them and looking forward to making some more of these!! woopee!!

this first one is actually a luggage tag :) the golden brown rock-like borders are made from texture paste (something like white putty but for art purposes) then painted over with acrylics. the dragonfly and the captions were decoupaged. i stippled the edges of the tags with some brown stains to give it the aged look. the bunch of stuff attached to it are just fibers and some faux leather and a handsewn glitter ribbon. but what i like are the little swirlly thingys i found (they are actually paper clips!) perfect for clipping little notes or pictures to the tags :)

this next one is so impromptu. i found a stash of peacock feather and thought i would make something out of them :) the covers of this little book are really my coaster base! (if you have any old square coasters, just drill a couple of holes in them and wallah! you have mini book covers!) the pages are hand torn recycle paper... all 100 pieces of them! :D

hope you love these as much as i do :) as always if you want to read more just click on the link below :) and of course i always love to hear what you think!! :)

have a creative week!!

peace and hugs,

luthien :)

Here is a link that might be useful: a place where i write about my creative processes :)

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They are winderful...You do beautiful work...

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You make beautiful things! The tags are my favorite. :o)

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hey leveta & jane :)
thank you very much for your sweet comments :) really appreciate them :))

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They are lovely! You're very talented!

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thank you kathy :))

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Just Beautiful! you do such a beautiful job on all your projects you share with us,your tags are sooo very pretty! will have to take a walk in the creek and see if I can find some rocks worth painting on,still waiting to try that one, havent crafted in way to long.
Thanks for shareing!

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thank you very much oddie :)) that will be so cool!!! remember to post pictures!!
luthien :)

    Bookmark   July 23, 2009 at 2:05PM
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