What did I do wrong??

monicatxJuly 7, 2012

Hi, Everyone:

I had a cute metal box (very small) that I wanted to paint with craft paint. I cleaned off the metal top with alcohol before I did anything, then painted it with outdoor gloss paint. My thinking was it would take 3 coats. Well, I am on coat 4 and it still shows the original painted colors and words. Yes, I did let it dry about 45 minutes between coats. (I run a dehumidifier for health reasons so it should have been dry)

What should I have done to have my craft paint give better coverage? This is something I want to do again.



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I think you probably needed to sand it and then coat it with a primer before you used the paint.

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Hi, Adellabedella;

I did not sand it because I was painting around a fancy border that I wanted to keep. It is finally done, but 5 coats and not too smooth.

Thanks for your input.

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Don't feel bad, I've bought a couple of different things at thrift shop & painting over a sign on wood- still kept showing through, words on metal are sometimes decals & you can still "read" it because the decal raises the letters. So I learned to use electric sander on wood & watch what is on metal. If you aren't happy with it you could take a stiff brush or even old toothbrush, lightly coat with paint little lighter or darker than what your paint was & lightly run your finger over the toothbrush onto a paper towel to see if the light over-spray makes the slightly messy paint less noticeable. You get light speckle (don't wet brush 1st tho) If too much paint wipe brush on paper towel so you get just a little when you do it over your project. Jan

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Good idea. I will try that. From now on I will use a primer and not just a sealer.


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