Plan Review Please!!!

seabright007November 15, 2013

My husband and I are planning on building in 2014. This is the plan we have drawn up. However, I am having second thoughts and need some outside opinions. Thank you in advance! :)

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Between an extra-extra-large dining room and a large dinette, you have devoted a great deal of space in this house to eating. Your great room pales in comparison.

I'd consider switching the mudroom and the pantry. This would allow you to have a "backdoor" straight into the mudroom, and it would give you a more direct "straight shot" through the dinette when you arrive home through the garage entrance.

The kitchen layout is awkward. The cabinets are a little too far apart to be comfortable. You'll be taking lots of extra steps.

Do people have to walk through your study to get to the half bath? Will that ever be problematic? Like personal papers, or a messy desk?

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I think the scale is all off. You have a "grand" curved staircase in a small foyer. When you open the front door to guests, you'll be practically standing on the bottom step.

And I agree that you have way too much eating space in comparison to your great room. Your dining room and master bedroom are almost as large as your great room, while your walk-in closet is almost as large as your master bedroom.

Will you have another laundry room upstairs, or will daily laundry carriers have to walk through the study?

Perhaps this plan really does suit your particular needs and desires, but there are several undesirable characteristics that would be bad for resale.

I do love the fact that you won't have far to walk to the toilet at night. :)

Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your comments. I definitely want to revise the study area. There is a halway to the bathroom and laundry and the study is actually quite small. Please keep the comments coming!

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I think the space in the foyer is poorly used. As an above poster noted, you walk in the door and into the stairs and there is a great deal of unused space to get into the powder. I also notice the lack of a closet in this area. Even in milder temps, people have light coats, umbrellas, etc. at times.

Those stairs take up a lot of space. Do you really want this type of staircase? I'm wondering if an L-shaped staircase might work better or be possible. Just a thought.

The plan is difficult to read, even when I expand it, but it appears as if there is a very narrow walk way (or practically none) to go from the front door to the great room. People will come into the house, feel cramped at the stairs and then squeeze past the same stairs to go into the great room.

Some of the space in the family room will be used as a "hall" from the front to the kitchen and master bedroom and from the kitchen to the master. Keep that in mind for furniture placement.

Is the fireplace double-sided or does it face into one room? I would not want a double-sided fireplace into my master bedroom for privacy reasons.

Agree that the size of the study is small. Is there a reason for the door to the laundry there? Is there room for another laundry upstairs. If so, I would eliminate that door.

Also agree with the above poster on the size of the dining room. Do you entertain often?

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Have a look at the plan proposed in the link below and compare. I feel it's a nice example of a well proportioned, logical, liveable plan.

I agree with the comments above. The scale of the rooms and overall functionality are serious issues.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ready for One More Farmhouse Plan?

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