Do You Make Yogurt with your Oven

aloha2009December 26, 2011

When my 4 children were young I used to make homemade yogurt all the time. They'd gobble it up so fast I ended up getting a second one. It got to be such a chore though after several years, I quite making it.

We're remodeling the kitchen and will be purchasing a new oven. I noticed that a person can use ovens to develop yogurt culture thus not needing a special yogurt maker.

Has anyone done this and how has it worked for you? How has the bread proofing worked for you too? Anything I need to be aware of?

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Hi Aloha. If you do a search over in Kitchens, you'll find a discussion started by Rhome, I think, on yogurt making. Lots of great tips from a few who regularly make their own. You might also checking out the cooking forum. I hear good things about that one but haven't visited yet.

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My elux has a dehydrating cycle, and that has temps that work for yogurt. I've never used the oven to make yogurt because I use the dehydrator for that. The culture I have now takes about 8 hours to work, way too long for me to have my oven tied up. Some culture sets up in about 4 hours.

The main thing is to not let it get too hot, as that kills the culture. Cold temps makes it go dormant.

I make two gallons at a time. The pint jar is used as starter for the next batch - I can go about three batches before using fresh starter.

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See, there's Macybaby with help! She was one that contributed to the thread I mentioned.

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Yep those Elux ovens do it all.

In fact Elux, and SZ too, (when they had the copper problem SZ) had great big yogurt makers---commonly called "Refrigerators".

I suspects most of those have been converted back to "Normal Refrigerators" now.


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Macybaby, that was a concern of mine regarding the amount of time it takes and needing the oven. We got rid of our dehydrator years ago. Never realized it could double as a yogurt maker, but it makes sense. I noticed your dehydrator opens left to right. I've never seen a MW that does that. Don't need one now but it would come in handy for some.

Breezygirl. Thanks for the tip. I think instead of searching in specific segments in GW, I'm going to google things instead. This site pretty much has it all. I think I speak for most everyone in the kitchen forum, we're anxiously awaiting your complete reveal. Moving coupled with the holidays has a way of making more chaos :) Your cabinets and counters are beyond beautiful! I keep checking to see if you have posted the pics.

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asolo ovens at two locations have lowest-possible temp setting of 170. Not bad for keeping food warm but too hot for this purpose.

Many ovens have "proof" cycle for raising bread dough....believe that's more like 90-100F. If it's OK for raising bread, maybe OK for yogurt?

Just noodling.

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I made yogurt with my rangetop and my Wolf oven. I don't think the discussion was on the forum, but in my blog instead, but I referenced discussions that had been on the cooking forum. I used the Proof mode of my oven, and adjusted the temp to 110 degrees, after heating it initially on the stove to 200 degrees, then letting it cool to 110.

--Fridges aren't yogurt makers, Gary, they're yogurt storers.. ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: My yogurt making experience in the blog

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My oven doesn't go low enough (no proof mode)

But.... I just put the yogurt in there overnight with the lightbulb on.

the heat of the lightbulb is enough to get the yogurt done by morning.

Couldn't be simpler.

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I've made yogurt using the proof mode in my E'lux oven. I've also done it by warming it up and then turning it off. I keep a pizza stone in the oven and after that's warmed up it keeps the heat even. Works great for yogurt.


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I heat up the milk on the stove, allow it to cool to ~110, add the culture from the last batch (I just feel the vessel), wrap it up in a towel and have yogurt the next day.
In the winter, I sometimes will toss the vessel in the oven after dinner (power off) and allow it to yogurt in a nice warm spot. I also have a pizza stone in the oven which keeps it just right for many hours.

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