glass cutting board

sushakoorJuly 7, 2007

I have a plain glass cutting board..does anyone know how to laminate wallpaper or picture behind it?

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If it were mine, I would probably use Mod Podge. Put it on the front of the design and then press it to the back of the cutting board. Make sure you get all the air bubbles out, let it dry, then put one or two more coats of the Mod Podge on it. Luvs

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That should work they did a lot of "painting" glass/plastic plates that way on the old Aleene's TV shows

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I have one of those...I just keep a place mat under it...and change it with the seasons...

You can buy those tapestry placemats with pictures on them..

Right now I have one with a large Rooster on it.

At Christmas I have one with three candles sitting in a mass of pine needles and ribbons.

Very easy and easy to change.


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I have been thinking about doing something with mine for months now and just talked about this again yesterday when I was at my in-laws. I was thinking about painting on the back of mine and sealing it, however. You would have to paint the picture opposite of what you wanted, though.

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Thanks for you help! I never thought of Mod Podge....I'll try that.

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Guess you learn something every day. I didn't even know they made glass cutting boards!

Patti, if you can, please post a pic sometime of yours with the place mat under it. That really sounds cute!

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