Electrolux_EW23BC85KS or Samsung_RF24FSEDBSR

ashbellDecember 10, 2013

I have been visiting the site for the last 6-8 months and have learned so much that simply saying thank you does not seem enough. A big hug and thanks to everyone as your comments / experiences on various appliances has really helped me.

I am looking at comparing the Electrolux_EW23BC85KS and
Samsung_RF24FSEDBSR refrigerators. Any other recommendation is welcome too. I am on a budget so would like to remain below $4000.

I would prefer a French door with water/ice but it is not a must.

This is for a new built and yes, I am in Canada.

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Ashbell, FWIW, I have the Elux EI23BC35KS which is a counter depth model with ice/water and dual ice makers. It's been in 6 months now, and had 3 service calls. I hate to say that, but there you go. On delivery the freezer drawer wasn't property adjusted and started frosting at the seam. And 2 trips to work on the lower ice maker.

I dunno. I really wanted the LG ice/water French door but my (very honest) appliance guy strongly -- STRONGLY -- urged me away from LG and Samsung. He said their service sucked, and they were essentially non-responsive to issues.
But my sister has the largest LG French door on the market, and loves it. Many of the LG models, IIRC, give you a little more usable space up top, and a little more in-the-door storage, due to the way the upper ice maker works.

If I had it to do over again, I would buy LG. That said, Elux has been good with service. And my Elux oven and warming drawer are truly flawless. Good luck.

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I have a 4 year old Elux Counter depth. I love it. I had a problem at the beginning but it has been fixed and no further problems. It keeps things cold and I saved a ton on food that keeps much longer.
I specifically didn't want the LG as it had a gasket closure vs a flap. Maybe the new version has a flap.

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MizLizzie, I agree , LG customer service is really bad. If Samsung is the same,maybe getting the Elux with extended warranty is the way to go. I have had a GE for about 2 years with no problems. The freezer space has not been designed well but other than that, it works well.

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I am hoping my fridge follows a2gemini's. Since the new ice maker went in last month, it's ticking along like a clock. I do love the look and the sleek controls. It really holds temperature precisely. I know because, due to my suspicious nature and the issues we'd had, I purchased a couple of fridge thermometers to double check it.

I got an extended warranty offer in the mail last week. Ordinarily I'd never pay for one, but I think in this case I will. So far as LG and Samsung, I do trust my appliance dealer to give good advice so I think I'll be okay. Refrigerators in general just seem to be such a crapshoot. Buy the one you like best and cross your fingers.

Good luck.

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