sand dollars

donnas_gwJuly 4, 2009

Has anyone painted sand dollars? We went to the beach last week and I bought a few plain ones. They have a Christmas store there and their sand dollar ornaments were painted so beautiful! They used pastel colors for the background and looked like they were covered with a very fine white glitter (over top of whatever they painted on it). Thought I would try some for the kids for Christmas ornaments. Thanks.

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I have gotten painted sand dollars but that was in Oregon/Ca areas. You might try some of the hobby shops in that area--that is on the ocean. Mine are painted with a whitish/clear glaze with hand painting.

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mariend, I'm not sure if you're saying you bought them already painted or if you painted them yourself. I didn't want the painted ones at the Christmas store, I wanted plain ones that I could try and paint myself. We were at Myrtle Beach, SC and went through so many beach stores, but for some reason, I didn't buy my sand dollars at those stores. They had an AC Moore and I wanted to go through that since we do not have an AC Moore anywhere near where we live. I bought 3 plain unpainted sand dollars there, one for each grandchild. I was hoping someone might post a picture of one they had painted.

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Yes, I've painted them with acrylic paint plus glitter paint. I used to make reindeer from them, and Santa faces. Used puff paint for his beard/moustache.

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I bought them painted, but on the No CA and OR beaches there is alot of sand dollars.

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