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suziecaJuly 27, 2008


I want to decorate my outdoor fence - INEXPENSIVELY - so far I have 3 hanging Mexican clay pots w/succulents in them...I want to add a few more things around the pots and also do something to the fence area that is right off our patio.

Any suggestions as to where to find stuff that will hold up to weather and is not real costly? Or things to make myself?


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Hi Tia, welcome to the forum. You'll have a fun time here, the folks are very nice and very helpful. As to your question, you might want to check out the Garden Junk forum several participate in.


Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Junk forum link

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Tia, one of the members of the GJ forum has made an "Inspiration Album" of a lot of the garden creations some of the folks have made. I tried to get Purplemoon's link up to the album but I seem to be having problems opening up certain forums. If you can get to the GJ forum, either look for one of her posts or type "Inspiration Album" in the Search box at the top of the page and it should bring you to it.


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Craftylady is right! Just a look through Purplemoon's album of all the GJ creations should give you lots of great ideas. There's everything from windchimes, to painted terra cota saucers to birdhouses to birdfeeders to patio tables and planted chairs, etc. You'll have a ball checking all the pictures out, and the lady's on the forum will be happy to answer any how to questions you might have. Happy crafting. Luvs

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