Calling all Brick Experts!

drewemNovember 8, 2012

The new house just went to framing today. The front exterior will be all brick. ( I don't think it is anything special like sand faced or anything, just normal brick).

Obviously it is getting cold now, we are in SE Pennsylvania. Is there anything I should be looking out for with the brick install, or concerned with?

I will talk with our builder, but just wanted your expert opinions.

Would it be best to ask the builder to wait until Spring to apply the brick? (If that's the case, would the front be too exposed to the elements of winter?)


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What is the expected temperature range during brickwork?

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That I am not sure of yet. Framing just started today, and from what I've seen, the other houses in the development framed very quickly. I just saw the weather for this coming week is in the 50's.

Is there a cut off temp?

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Above 40 minor precautions, additional precautions down to 25, below that tenting and heating

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I love it when people start worrying about the "cold" when it's 50 degrees F. outside!

My Mom kept our home 60 degrees F. in the winter.

I've had houses bricked in when it's -20 degrees F. Even had carpenters working in that weather!

See Brick Industry Association Technical Notes for cold weather requirements.

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Beth Parsons

Thank you, Worthy! In addition to trying to decide if we should go brick or Hardie, due to recent posts here I've been so very concerned about the weather in Tennessee as well. To a Southern gal, 50 is pretty darn cold, btw! I'm glad I don't need to let our upcoming chilly weather influence our decision...

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Thank you very much renovator8.

Honestly I did not even think about the brick until I read the recent brick posts (the sand ones, the plastic wrap under the bricks, etc etc) I think they were all by the same person. The post about tenting to fix something on the garage got me thinking. I think that person is more southern than my location.

This isn't our first build, but it is our first using brick. I assumed that it would be fine to brick year around. So thank you for the link Worthy! I will look into it.

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We live in MN, and my husband plans to brick ours over the winter also. He'll just put up a shelter, so it stays pretty warm. Sucks to pay for the gas on it though!

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