Customer questions-one specific!

mjowestJuly 18, 2008

Hi everyone-

I recognize a few familiar faces here! I frequent the garden junk forum.

OK, I live there.

I have been selling some of my crafts, and ALWAYS get this question:

What did you use to attach these things?

Now I know that most people aren't going to run home and try it themselves, but I really don't want to share that information!

I tell them- outdoor sealant and let them figure out the rest on their own.

But there are a few that insist on getting a better answer!

How do you handle this kind of person!?


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Just answer them..."a lot of elbow grease", "patience" and talent"...then you can change the subject or just keep smiling.
It's soooo rude of them ask and even insulting when they keep on asking questions.
You should fix up some "starter kits" and sale them to those that are soooo interested. Put everything into a brown paper bag so they have to buy to get the "secret ingredients". At least you make something off their curiousity.

Good luck!!

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Tell them it's magic and give them a wink.

That should annoy them enough to drop it and move on.

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I get that question all the time. My mom, my sister, and myself always have booths next to each other and make them into one big booth. When ever we are asked that, we say, "I'm not sure, my .... made it." Or we always play dumb, "Oh, it's a glue but I cannot remember the name right now." I think a lot of the people are just wondering but there are those out there openly taking other ideas. And, I HATE when people get the kids to take pictures of our booths. I think that is so rude when you don't ask first!

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FlamingO in AR

"There's a lot of trial and error involved, that's for sure. I probably have 30 different kinds of glues at home and I just keep trying them until I find one that works."

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Just say..."Oh, that's TOP SECRET...if I tell you, I'll have to kill you". Then LAUGH A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like the magic & the wink! LOL very cool dian57

Ginger I always say I will make starter packs... I LOVE the brown bag idea too!


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There was a gal on eBay whose item was cute as heck and she was getting a lot of sales from it. As to how she made the item, in her description she wrote "A gal's got to have some secrets!" and that was her answer to how it was made.


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Oh, I love the "A gal's got to have some secrets!" answer. Much better than my "sorry, it's a trade secret" answer. Though it does work quite well.

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I've been laughing since the first response came in here-

thanks for all the great ideas!!!

I think I'll stick around here more often!

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