Girls dresses for cross stitching

sydneylanierDecember 16, 2004

Because I don't cross stitch - yet - ( I hand embroider), I'm not in on the cross stitch world...can someone tell me if those little white cotton dresses that are cross stitched (and for sale at high prices!) are available for sale? I was in a store today (Rosalina) and they had both cross stitched dresses and embroidered dresses. I would like to buy a "blank" and do the 'artwork' myself. I tried a GOOGLE search but came up empty. Thanks!

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At the craft store, you can buy "waste canvas". You machine baste it on most any fabric you wish to cross stitch on. It is an open weave, with a colored thread every 10" so you can keep track of your count. You do your cross stitch design over both this canvas and your garment. Then you wet the garment and the waste canvas sort of just comes apart and you pull it out thread by thread. Voila!

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What you describe is called "heirloom sewing". If you do a web search for those two words, you will find lots of sources for the fabrics, classes and books tp get started making such clothing. If you are lucky, maybe someone will sell the basic unadorned dresses for your artistry.

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Also, I don't know about those particular dresses, but Michael's, a craft store in our area, sells aprons, bags, shirts, etc. for adding your handiwork to.

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