ISO: pink & white Christmas lights

mammajoJuly 9, 2008

I hope someone here knows where I can find some. I am looking for pink & whit lights on green cords, the kind used on Christmas trees.

I've searched and found some on ebay, but hope there is somewhere else to get them



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Honey - I googled it and coulodn't find anything else on it, but go to your local craft store and look at a jar of glass paint - why couldn't you pain everyother tiny light pink? Not very much heat is generated and you could really go crazy with the colors... I would try it and leave the lights on to test them out..

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I think Bonnie has the right idea in painting the bulbs. If so, I'd use enamel paint as it is made for painting on glass (and other surfaces) and it dries hard. It has to be cured for 21 days (before washing) but you're not going to wash them are you.


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try Bronners Christmas Wonderland at

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these guys have what you seek....omg! i have to go back and browse some more....

Here is a link that might be useful: partylights

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We made them ourselves...using the clear and red lights...switching out every other bulb created a beautiful pink glow for the grands fairy tale room.

Good luck!!

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Thanks for the sites everyone. I haven't decided yet on what colors I want on my Christmas tree this year as it will be my first one I put up. Many options to choose from.

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I am glad you posted that site for the party lights. I was at a flea market in NC and they had the commercial C9 string lights in antique cabinets and shelves and would not tell me where to get them and that has been over 25 years and now here they are and I have remodeled and sold the antique china cabinet but still remembered the lights.
I would love to go back and see if that woman still has her shop and tell her I have found them. I still have one antique cabinet that I could use them, they just made it so cozy.

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Thanks for the ideas and the site. I was able to find the pink ones in an ebay store for 7.99/100 lite set.

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