awkward fabric size needed - what can I get away with?

sally2_gwDecember 27, 2005

Hi, I'm pretty much new to cross stitching, having done only 3 kits over the last several years, but I want to do more. I decided I want to try stitching from a design instead of a kit. I went out and got 2 designs real cheap, (half price) yesterday, but discovered that one of the designs calls for a fabric size an inch and a half bigger for both the width and length than what's available at the hobby stores. Arrgh. The stitch count is 216 wide x 313 tall, and 15 1/2 x 22 1/2 if stitched on 28 ct. fabric. They say to cut fabric 21 1/2 x 28 1/2. The fabric I've found at the stores is 20 x 30. Arrgh again! It calls for evenweave fabric, and they recommend Zweigart quaker Cloth. I got on line and found I can purchase the fabric by the yard, but boy! it's expensive! That 20x30 fabric, which was basic evenweave - not quaker cloth - was less than $15.00 but the fabric by the yard was something like $45.00. So much for an inexpensive design! I have a couple of questions. How flexible can I be with brands and such? Can I get just any white evenweave fabric? Also, the design indicates it can be stitched on 32 count, which would make the piece smaller. I found some 32 count linen that's not evenweave. Could I substitute that? Would it be way to difficult for a relative beginner?

To sum it up, my questions are, can I get away with the 20 x 30 fabric? Or, can I get away with using the 32 count linen instead of the 28 ct. evenweave? How much do I need to stick to the fabric recommendations they made? Thanks for helping a beginner!


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I am afraid you cannot use the 20x30 fabric and the 32 count uneven weave will distort the pattern. I would check fabric and craft shops locally and see if you can find the 28 count by the yard. They may even have odd end pieces that will be discounted. Any even weave will work as long as you can see well enough.


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Thank you, Beverly. I was afraid that was going to be the answer. I think there are, or have been, craft stores in the area that specialize in needle arts, so I'll try to find one and see what they have in stock. Thanks again.


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Check some Counted Cross Stitch magazines. there is one who advertises odd size fabric. Also at B Dalton book store and other like Borders, they have magazines from England and Australia. Look in these for fabric also. Do you have a shop specilizing in stitchery in your area? They might be able to help you. Also you could look for someone who has entered projects in fairs.

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you can purchase fabric cut to size from the bolt at various cross stitch shops and Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's Fabrics. If you don't have access to these shops are a number of shops that sell on the internet, such as and


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