quote 'one weeps, the other tastes salt'

ballyclaireDecember 24, 2004

I have the following quote which I had once seen done stitched and framed. Was beautiful but I've never found the pattern. Can anyone help?? There was a teardrop in the middle. Thanks.

"Let there be such oneness between you...that when one weeps,the other tastes salt." - Rossabelle Believe

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Don't know if you're still looking for this, but I saw it a few years ago and it was in a kit. Craft store here had it. You might could check Ebay for the kit.

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Country Bumpkin,
Thanks for the response and yes, I'm still looking.
Haven't been able to find it on ebay since the title of the kit isn't quite clear. But I'm encouraged now to keep trying and if you see it again, please pass along any info.
With appreciation...Julie

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I also embroidered this for my cousin back in 1983 or so and haven't seen it up until recently. I saw it framed, not embroidered though, in a local Christian store. I want to get it for a friend's wedding, but I can't afford to buy it right now. So I am hoping it will still be there when I get the cash.

However, I kept looking on-line for something and I came across this one:

It is already embroidered and framed, not a bad price either. I am not so sure I like the "sloppy" look of the embroidery, but that is intentional as it is part of the artistic quality of this piece, including the "weathered" frame, etc. I did a search on google like this:

"the other tastes salt"

and got quite a few hits, but all of them except the above were quoted on various web pages and not being sold in any way. The beginning of this quote varies, sometimes it says "may the closeness between you..." sometimes "may the oneness between you..." I even ran across one that added "between you and your best friend...". So, perhaps it is hard to find because the quote is different everywhere you look.

Best of luck to you in finding it. One thing you might consider is to cross stitch it rather than embroider it, if you know how to cross stitch. It is very similar to embroidery and I got hooked on it because it is so much "neater" than embroidery. Due to the counting of the squares, it turns out perfectly and since I am a perfectionist, this simply enthralled me, LOL. Just an idea...

I will keep you posted if I see anything and please do the same for me. My friend is getting married on June 4, so if I can't get it at my local store I will buy the one from the link above. I like the one at the store much more, callagraphy on very nice paper, framed and matted. The price is on $29.00 so I hope that I can pick it up before it disappears, LOL.

Peace to you and yours,


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oops, sorry. Looks like this IS a cross stitch form, LOL. I assumed it was embroidery since that is how I did the project originally years ago. I still say you could try to do it on your own using various patterns from cross stitch books for the border and embellishments. I used to create things like that back when I was cross stitching and it wasn't that hard to do. Making sure things are centered and look "uniform" is the hardest part and for that I used graph paper to create the pattern myself.

I have tendinitis in my left hand now so bad that my ring finger and pinky are both numb all the way up my hand to my wrist. Also my eyesight has gotten worse with age. I am "only" 41, sigh, but I realized about a month ago when I tried to pick up cross stitching again that I simply can't do it due to both of these ailments. I'm really disappointed, but now I am trying my hand at beading. Wish me luck, LOL.



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