This is my year!

grandma_bonnieJuly 8, 2008

I got a call from the health club - they want my coolers! The owner has one and had me talk to the gal in charge of the pro shop - she shined my on... I was told by friends to go back and speak to the owner - didn't have to - the pro shop gal was in and couldn't wait to talk to me - the coolers are the talk of the club! We talked prices - I said I wholesale them for $3.50 but would prefer to get a membership instead - she said she would call me today - they want to place an order! ...yippee!!! This would not just be a summer item either... I also got an idea to send some to our local tv stationj - they live 30 miles away and have been complaining about the heat... LOL Thanks for the crossed fingers!!!

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Oh how wonderful Grandma Bonnie, good for you.


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way to go!!!
made a couple for my two sons whos job keeps them out doors in the hot weather,they looked at me like I had lost it, and I am sure neather tried it, how do you get people to try these?
hold out for the membership!

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You sure are on a roll !!!!!! Congratulations ! I hope it continues !!!!

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The secret to getting men to try the neck cooler is to put it in the water and then slip it around their neck! If you just hand it to them, they will politely thank you and stick it in a drawer - ever to see the light of day!!! lol Trust me - I DO know... My husband would not even try it 'till I put it around his neck while he was mowing the yard - now, he never leaves home without it... He takes it to the golf course with him and dunks it in water with a few ice cubes to refresh it every three holes (it's going to be 106 today) He's turned into one of my best salesmen... Thanks for the good wishes...

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I got the order for the neck coolers at the fitness center!!!

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Good for you. This is a very good thing for you and with the ecomony at a slump too. It is a useful craft which is what everyone is looking for these days. Yippee....Di

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May I ask what is in a "neck cooler"? Guess I missed that somewhere.

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