Sub Zero Ice Machine

Hops143December 9, 2013

Hi. We just bought a Sub Z ice machine for $200 off of Craigslist from a company that cleans out offices etc. It is the older model (UC315i) with the drain pump. Hooked it up in the basement to test and it began leaking from underneath very soon afterwards. took the panels off and realized that the pump inlet had come off during transport and was just draining onto the floor...hooked that back up and tried again, with the drain hose in a cooler. After 30 minutes or so we had our first slightly white, misshaped ice cube, and a couple of inches of water in the cooler. six hours later we had filled the cooler with water and had about a pound of ice. Part of me thinks that the ice is melting quickly because the ambient temp in the reservoir is 70 f or so, but it still seems like an awful amount of drain water...any ideas what may be causing this? It IS making ice, just not a lot...

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Drain the unit thoroughly, and throw a bag or two of ice from the store into the unit before you turn it on.

Your cooler will constantly need emptying because this is an ice machine - not an ice maker. The inside NEVER gets to freezing or below, NEVER. It grows ice rather than freezes it and the bottom of the pile is ALWAYS melting and getting replaced by the stuff on top. That melt off is what drains away and needs to be dealt with.

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