Scrap leather

tomcinJuly 21, 2006

Newbie here, love this site. I have a lot of scrap leather in different colors and sizes. Does anyone have any ideas on making something with it. My sewing machine will not sew it, probably need a commercial sewing machine. Has anyone seen any sites with leather crafts, wall hangings, unusual stuff on it? I did several searches and found nothing unusual that I thought I could do. I guess I could always sell it on ebay.....


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I also worked at a place that had tons of leather scraps that I could have. I thought "Oh Boy ! A Goldmine!" I Stocked up !! You know - I still haven't found anything to do with them ..... I can't think of one thing !! I'm a poor example of a crafter,huh ? LOL

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Hi - FWIW, there is a special roller foot or walking foot you can use for machine sewing w/leather.

Also, there are such things as leather needles - which have a sharp triangular point - for both machine and hand sewing. The hand sewing 1s might also be known as 'glovers' needles.

& also FWIW, leather scraps make great ears, tails, shoes etc. for toys, dolls, etc.


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I used leather scraps on my pet screen purses......I covered the end of the strap where it attached to the purse...looked kinda classy........I used a leather needle and a teflon foot and set my machine on heavy......worked forum...just found it....Chris

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I use scrap leather to make baby shoes. They are all the rage right now. Are you interested in selling your scraps?


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I made purse handles out of it.

I cut it in strips about two inches wide. Folded the two side to center then folded again...and sew down the edge to make rounded handles. I left the end open so I could fold them open and sewed that to the inside. then put a liner in the purse. The made the purses look not so homemade.

I just have an old Singer I sewed them on. Those old black heads will sew through just about anything.


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I am with Cub Scout pack 77 in Joplin Mo, and a fan of leathercraft. We are a small pack and we try not to charge dues so that are boys will stay with the pack but,to do that we the leaders have to pay for everything. I was wondering if any one would be so kind as to donate some leather for our boys to use in learning the trade of leather work and crafts? We want to keep an old craft going and with your help we will be able!
Thank you,
Assistant Cub Master Pack 77

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I used my sewing machine to sew purse handles. I cut a strip of the leather , folded both sides in , then folded again. It was sort of a rounded handle. I left the ends open so I could lay them flat inside the purse or tote.

That made me sew through 4 layers of leather. My machine was/is just a cheap Walmart Singer.

I think it must be the needle.


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That's funny...I didn't realize that this was an old post...I posted nearly the same thing on both times...First time I posted I was using my old Singer...

I've now tried it with this one and it works too...

This was weird...seeing my post twice...I couldn't figure out how I did that until I noticed the dates.

do do do do....hummed to the tune of Twilight Zone.


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Note ---- My leather scraps are gone ! This old post creeps up on me in a while --- LOL . I couldn't figure out what to do with the scrap ,so I donated it to a couple of organizations that do crafts. I'm happy it's being used.

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I'm looking for scrap leather to make a latch hook rug out of! I saw one in a catalog and couldn't afford it so I thought I'd make one! I'm hitting the Salvation Army and AmVets stores, buying old jackets for the soft leather! If anyone has any scraps they'd like to sell, let me know please!! The pieces can be small, since I'm cutting my strips at 1/4" x 4"! Special note to toomuchglass: I'm sorry, I wrote to you before I got to the bottom of the page! :-) Thanks everyone!

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