Craft Palm Trees?

watsonairJuly 18, 2012

I am making beach memory jars. I having everything done, but I feel like I need a palm tree in the jar. Any idea how I can make my own?

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Twig & some craft foam? That is all I can think of, We have some kind of tree, never gets to big about 10-12 ft at most that has 1/2 in or some larger little miniature pine cone looking things. Might be able to group them together for a more lifelike looking tree. would have to glue or wire together & paint green & attach to thick piece of twig. Could you use some of those cone shells,tree snails,olive shells or wentletrap shells. I don't know anything about shells except I like them. I looked in the dictionary on the shell page. Some are quite common & can be gotten at craft stores. ,If you wired 5 together would look like the top or a palm tree- they are long & some spiral,a lot are small so would work in a jar.

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Dollar Trees always seem to have palm tree type stuff. I wonder if they have a miniature type something you could take apart.

Another idea would be to print out a tiny photo of a palm tree. You could cut it out to look like a postcard.

Or you could make a dough tree base and stick tiny artifical fern fronds into it.

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FlamingO in AR

I've made little palm trees using Sculpy and adding fronds made from silk plant leaves, trimmed and cut to look like palm fronds and a wire glued to the back of the frond so I could shape them.

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Turned out cute!! Jan

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Years ago my grandmother had some palm trees made from chenille stems bumpy green ones for the fronds and brown ones for the trunk. I don't have any pics. or pattern but it shouldn't be to hard to figure them out.

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