looking for international santa patterns

choppersmom2November 13, 2004


I am looking for patterns for a series of small international santa clauses,each about 3 inches tall. they are kind of old world looking. My mother in law, who passed away several years ago, made quite a few, and sold them all except for 2, which she made into free standing ornaments. I know she had books and books of cross stitch patterns, like the leisure art type ones, that my father in law threw away before we could get to them aargghhh.. I would love to complete the series for my children. the ones I have are packed away, but if you have any info on these, as soon as I unpack the Christmas decor I can photo and scan them to send a photo to see if you know of the rest of them.... I don't have a lot of patterns to swap, but am willing to pay for them. Thank you

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Last night I went through all my magazines as I thought I had some International Santas. Boy, was that fun! I think I found what you are looking for but I am not willing to sell my magazines. You may be able to find them on ebay. The magazine is called 'Cross Quick' Dec/Jan 89 (Vol. 1, No. 2)- has patterns for Santas from America and England; 'Cross Quick' Dec/Jan 90 (Vol. 11, No. 2) - has patterns for Germany and Russia. I don't have the third magazine which will probably be Dec/Jan91 but I think the name of the magazine changed to 'Cross Stitch Quick & Easy.

If you want to email me with any other questions please feel free to do so. saturnl1@yahoo.ca Please note: after the "n" in saturn it is a lowercase letter l and the number 1.

Hope this helps, good luck,

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Send me an e-mail please.

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I came across a picture that someone had posted with a christmas tree skirt that had three victorian santa's on it. It was great, but I can't find that picture or the pattern anywhere. Can someone help me.

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