help making wedding bows?

melvalenaJuly 30, 2008

I want to make about 20 huge bows to use on the staircase draping (and other places) for my DD's wedding which is in about 10 days.

I am not a crafter, and do not know how to make these bows.

They have to be a certain color, so buying white readymades is not the solution. I've looked at videos, and website instructions but all they do is frustrate me and prove I'm an idot. :)

I've had 3 people lined up to teach me but each of them for one reason or other ended up not being able to get together with me on it. (other commitments)

I'm almost ready to stand around in Michael's or JoAnn's and beg for help with this! Can't you see me standing there with my stuff and crying begging anyone who walks by or looks my direction?

If anyone lives in the Lewisville/Carrollton/Grapevine TX area and can help guide me Please please please contact me!

Yes, I'm about willing to pay to get this done. But I also want to learn how to do it as well.

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I just typed in "how to make pew bows" and got several sites with instructions.

Here's a link to one of them. But there were lots of others too--so you might just look at several to find exactly what you want.

Don't panic, I'm sure it will be easier than you think, and will all turn out beautifully. ;o)


Here is a link that might be useful: Bows

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yeah... like I said........I've done that... all I get is confused and a huge pile of mess in my hands. :(

I've already looked at every 'how to make a bow' site I can google. I've saved the ones that made the most sense to me and studied them.. and tried and tried...

Just before I was heading out to grab someone by the arm and MAKE them show me how, I decided to try the bowdabra again...

its working for me...kinda least I'm getting closer to what I had envisioned.
by late this afternoon maybe I'll have 'practiced' enough that I might have what I have been trying to make?
Then I will not call it practicing anymore and get on with making them 'for real'.

I would have rather learned how to do it without the bowdabra but oh well.

I'm a 'challanged' bow maker. :)
This IS NOT easy.

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Where did you buy the ribbon for the bows? Most craft stores have someone on staff who can make the bows for you. Did you ask where you purchased the ribbon? Good luck. Satine

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I'm not using ribbon. I'm using sparkle tulle.
But even using ribbon, its not easy to follow those directions. :(

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Don't go to the craft store for help, most folks there no nothing about crafting. It's so sad but true.
Call your local florist tell them your situation and that you already own the material you just need help.

Good Luck!!


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Melvalena, how I wish we lived closer!! I can make those florist type big bows and would gladly teach you!! I, as well, made up bunches of them for my DD's wedding several years back. It's all in the twist of the wrist and ribbon but does take a little practice. I'm sorry I have had no luck in getting directions on the pull bows as they would be very easy to accomplish what you want and would look just as good with far less hand cramping! No way yet would I try teaching my scouts how to make these but do plan to teach their moms at some point. Since time for you is so short perhaps your best bet may be to try a florist shop(or even one at a grocery store!) or as was suggested, you may just find someone at the craft store that is perfectly capable and willing to teach you. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

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Thank you for the suggestion to try a florist shop! I hadn't thought of that. But I don't think I'll need to now.
Using the bowdabra I made the same bow 3 times.. trying to get it just right. It did get easier with each try. When DD got here to help me cut the rest of the tulle she kept looking at it.. and looking at it, not saying a word. Finally she asked if I had made it. I told her yeah.. and she couldn't believe it. She said its a much better looking bow than the pew bows she had borrowed!! She then asked if it was hard or took a long time. I told her its not to terribly hard..and I can make them up during the day and fluff them while watching TV. She loves them and told me to just pack away the pew bows. :)
I came up with something else to put on the isles that is a whole lot easier and more in scale with the chairs being used. She is just blown away with the bow, AND my idea for the isle chairs. :)

She can't believe she was so excited about those pew bows she borrowed. So I guess its all going to turn out just fine.

I had my doubts at 10am this morning. (could you tell??) :)

thanks for the best wishes.. and once I get this stuff behind me, I really do want to learn how to make bows the real way.

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YAY!! I love a happy ending,a happy bride-to-be, and a relieved and also happy Mom!

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I'm so happy for you that it all worked out. If we lived closier I also would have helped you out. Best wishes on your DD's wedding.

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I've been using the bowdabra for years now and would want to change anything - Try it with wired wide ribbon - you look like an expert!

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Also try,

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Posieh, I've looked at those and they too just confuse me. :(

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