Do you use a hoop?

bporterNovember 30, 2005

Hey, this is just something I was wondering about. The person who taught me to cross stitch did not use a hoop, so I never learned to use one. I just hold my fabric with my hands. I find that my cross stitching looks just fine without it. I have tried to use a hoop and it seems to slow me down. Are there many people out there who don't use a hoop to hold the fabric? I once asked a friend if I should start using one and she asked if my projects looked good. They did, so she said not to change anything.....I am really just curious....



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I've tried to go without a hoop but got some serious cramps in my fingers after awhile :o( So you can safely assume that I use hoops to cross stitch. :o)


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I do not use a hoop, I find it more comfortable. I use hoops when I do regular embroidery. Mine come out fine this way and I do not get hoop imprints to worry about!

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I could never stitch without a hoop. I use q-snaps on some things and sometimes I use a plastic quilters hoop from Joanne's as I find it grabs and holds the fabric very taut for me.

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I use a hoop and a floor stand, my hands cramp up if I try to stitch in hand. I've never had problems with hoop marks, even on linen.

I can't get the hang of qsnaps (they are too bulky, or something).

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If I have lots of 1/4 stitches or have to change colors often I use a hoop. If I have masses of single colors I don't. I do always remove the hoop when I take a break and have never had a problem with marks.


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I have always used a hoop which works great for me. I do remove it when I am done for the day.

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I don't use a hoop. I use one of those frames with the roller bars because it keeps my stitches from getting smashed and prevents hoopmarks.

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