can I get rid of my toaster oven somehow?

illinigirlDecember 6, 2013

We use our toaster oven at least once if not twice daily. In addition to toasting we use it to reheat just about anything that's not liquid-y and 'cook' small meals for the kids like corn dogs, pizzas, etc.

Would an appliance like an advantium replace a toaster oven? Does it toast? (I like to toast bagels and English muffins close faced so the outside is toasted and the inside stays soft.)

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If you make toast, the only thing you can replace a toaster oven with is a toaster. Speed ovens, MWs, etc. don't toast. You can use a broiler in an oven to toast, but you have to watch it constantly and turn the bread over.

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Fori is not pleased

I've gotten rid of my toaster oven several times--well, I put it in the garage. It keeps coming back. It's better than a toaster toaster and does other stuff too. I'll have had it 20 years in January. So no. I don't think you can get rid of it. :P

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