jar candles

mjowestJuly 8, 2009

Simple question this morning!

I am planning on making some canning jar candles for gifts-

I fill the jar (clear and blue) with something, add a votive holder and candle, add some raffia or ripped fabric and


But I'm at a mental block on what to put in the jars.

I have:

buttons- check

marbles- check

colored stones- check!

Popourri- or however you spell it... check!

What other things would look nice?

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beans in layers of different colors

family pictures, the 3 1/2" X 5" size fits the best, put two in there, back to back or separated with clear marbles

mini cookie cutters

mini silk flower or greenery arrangements

bath salts

for a seamstress, a mini sewing kit with the tape measure to tie around the top of the jar

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rhinestones/cut glass gemstones and gold/silver toned costume jewelry with a decoupaged treasure chest on the inside of the jar.

little bit pf sand, sea shells, beach glass, tiny sand dollars, starfish and many other tiny sea related things.

try anything you want if it doesn't look right to you dump and try something else.


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